IUST B.Tech students call fee for 8th semester unjustified

IUST B.Tech students call fee for 8th semester unjustified
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Say varsity conducts no classes, expenses on internship borne by students

Irshad Khan
Srinagar: The students pursuing B.Tech in Food Technology at the Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) are describing the fee charged by the varsity for their 8th semester as ‘unjustified’, as the university, they said, conducts no classes for the semester, and the expenses on mandatory internship during the period are be borne by the students themselves.
Several students, currently in their 7th semester, told Kashmir Reader that the university has been charging Rs 30,000 as fee from students registering for 8th semester.
“The students do not attend any classes at all during the 8th semester. Instead, there is an internship, which the students have to do during the semester,” a student said.
While the IUST charges Rs 30,000 for the semester, students said the varsity makes the students bear the expenses of the internship themselves.
“Whether we do the internship within or outside the state, we have to bear the expenses of the internship ourselves. This is sheer injustice with the students,” a student said.
“The students who chose to do internship in the valley have to bear the transport charges only, but the expenses of those moving outside the state are hefty,” he said.
While the varsity, as per a student, had recently assured them that half of their 8th semester fee “would be refunded”, the students said that it was “not feasible”.
“Why do they charge the fee in the first place? Once they take the fee, they would not refund even part of it,” the student said.
Head, Department of Food Technology IUST, Prof Mohammad Ashraf told Kashmir Reader that the university charges “fee for the entire programme”.
“It is not like if it is Sunday or there are winters, so there will be no fee. In fact they should appreciate it that we send them for training to the industry,” Prof Ashraf said.
“The (internship) project has to be evaluated. Then there are exams. It (semester fee) is part of their entire curriculum,” he added.
He said that there was “departmental guidance” to the students who move outside the state for their projects.
On students having to bear the expenses on the internship from their pockets, Prof Ashraf said, “They stay out for the whole semester. We don’t have hostels outside. What can you do?”