Corruption has Become an Embedded and a Normal Practice Now. Alas!

Corruption has Become an Embedded and a Normal Practice Now. Alas!
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Taking a bribe is a way of consuming someone’s favor wrongfully .A bribe refers to any kind of property which is offered to a judge or public servant in order to get the things done in a bribe giver’s favor or a decision against a rival to expedite one’s own affair or to delay that of one’s competition and so on .Every religion has prohibited such practice but it is a common practice that is visible in our society these days. A bribe has become a necessity and no subordination is followed in most of the offices where it has become a set parameter to get your work done. Many orders float in government departments wherein offering the bribe is prohibited but , in the field such orders have no impact. We all know that both givers and takers of the bribe are guilty before the law and Almighty but it seems that such orders have no takers in our society.
In the materialistic world, we have become selfish and greedy as if we have to stay here permanently. In this world, we have become ignorant of Allah’s commands and way of life .As Muslims, we strongly believe in the uncertainty of the time of our death, the day of judgment and life Hereafter .Every soul is accountable to Allah for every action that they have done on this world.
Allah says in the Quran: “Do not consume your property among yourselves wrongfully, nor seek access to judge by means of it in order that you may sinfully consume a portion of peoples wealth while you known (what you do)”. The Prophet (PBUH) cursed the one who offers the bribe, the one who receives it and the one who arranges it. Nowadays, bribery and corruption have become such a norm in our lives and we take part without even thinking that such a curse is banned and prohibited in Islam and we don’t consider it a big sin now. Materialism has masked our eyes!
There are many ways of bribery. The intention of the Islamic Shariah is to prohibit bribery in any way shape or form thus referring to a bribe as a gift doesn’t transfer it from the realm of the Haram to that of Halaal. Nowadays, the whole society is polluted with bribery; there is not any field which is free from corruption.
First it starts from home when parents says to their child go and bring something from a shop. The child demands what you will pay me! It shows directly that we as a parents are responsible for corruption after watching such activities in daily life. We support corruption while applying for admission in private schools, doctors’ appointment in hospitals and so on.
Corruption has taken various forms other than these; it may be electricity, water works, food, police, road and buildings irrigation and sometimes even courts that are known for justice .Cases are delayed by one reasons or the other. Criminals are being saved by police which is the implementing agency .They take from victim as well as from the victimized and present the story in their own way in some cases before the law. Besides some top most departments in civil secretariat are not exempt from this evil .Files remain pending for years. People wait honestly at their homes, and the officials wait who will pay and follow the file. There is no chance of work done unless and until person will not pay and follow his or her case. Perhaps there are no God fearing officials who will look towards their job honestly. The Government maintains deaf ear towards these things. Who will come and clean this society from this corruption?
All governments say we will provide you a corruption free government but every time they forget about all pre-election promises .I remember our present Governor of the K and k state Mr Satayapal Malik on the 29 sep 2018 at SKICC said that corruption was deep seated in the state but there will be no compromise on it. It is the Governor who is witness to the fact that there is corruption in the state. It is shame for us not in this world and in the eternal world that we are believed to live Hereafter .we must think over it .Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said the son of Adam will not pass away before Allah until he is asked about five things how he lived his life. how he utilized his youth ,how he earned his wealth ,how he spend his wealth and what he did with knowledge (Tirmidhi).

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