Islamic seminar held at Baramulla

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Baramulla: To highlight the contributions of Imam Ahmad Raza in Islam, a seminar was held here on Sunday which was organised by Idara Tahqeeqat-e-Iman Ahmad Raza.
Various prominent scholars and intellectuals shed light on the works of Imam Ahmad Raza and his contribution in Islam.
The central Kashmir’s prominent scholar, Moulana Abdul Hameeed Nayeemi highlighted the contribution Imam Raza in Islam. Nayeemi termed Imam as “a scholar who explained the true teaching and concept of Allah in Islam.”
The Assistant Professor from Central University of Kashmir Ghulam Mustafa Zia said a lot of research work has been done on the literature of Imam Ahmad Raza all over the world and most of his literature is translated in Pakistan and India. “Imam’s contribution represented the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his teachings in its truest form,” he said.