Class 12 examinees allege misbehaviour of staff at Chanapora centre

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SRINAGAR: A delegation of 12th class students who appeared in Psychology paper examination on Monday at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Chanapora have alleged harassment at the hands of the supervisory staff at the centre.
According to the students’ delegation, the paper was given to the students 15 minutes late and the staff of the particular school was not at all behaving properly with the students. The students alleged that the staff was screaming at them and menacing them unnecessarily, which distracted the students very much.
“Since the paper started 15 minutes late, those 15 minutes were not counted and the paper was snatched from the students. The supervisory staff was very much infuriating the students and were compelling them to complete the paper a bit early so that the staff could go home and relax,” the students alleged.
Many students also complained that the teachers refused to provide them the continuation sheet. “They rejected our pleas for asking for a continuation sheet. The examination staff at the centre terrified us to an utmost level,” they said.
The students’ delegation said that they are apprehensive about that the staff would again misbehave and misconduct. “Since they have threatened the students about putting hurdles in their next paper, so the students are demanding a well organised staff so that they don’t suffer in their upcoming papers,” they said.