Kashmiri engineering student assaulted in Chandigarh

Kashmiri engineering student assaulted in Chandigarh
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SRINAGAR: A Kashmiri engineering student was assaulted with iron rods and knives by a group of persons, among them his neighbours and fellow students, at his rented residence in Chandigarh on Friday night. Mubashir Matoo, a final-year student in computer engineering at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, has sustained injuries in his back, left arm, and leg.
Anoop Kumar, the administrator of the college, told Kashmir Reader over phone that the incident happened outside the premises of the college where students are themselves responsible for their acts. He said the college cannot do anything for two days due to weekend holidays.
“On Monday we will see to this, the process for which has already been started. We are ascertaining as to what has happened,” he said.
Zahoor Ahmad, the Kashmir-based guardian of Mubashir Matoo, said that the assailants thrashed Mubashir with iron roads and knives leaving him in a state of unconsciousness.
Ahmad said that nobody took Mubashir to hospital after the assault.
“I will bring him back to Kashmir. He is not safe there. He was beaten even though he had done nothing wrong,” Zahoor said.
The incident happened at the rented flat of Mubashir when a group of seven assailants, four of whom were masked, knocked at his room. Mubashir said three of them, one of whom is living in the same building, beat him to pulp. He also said that two of the assailants study at the same college as he does, and one of them was his junior.
“On Thursday, the three persons who assaulted me gave me threatening looks. I did not pay any heed. In the evening, I was beaten,” Mubashir told Kashmir Reader over phone from Chandigarh.
Mubashir said he recalled an incident when he had intervened to prevent some fellow Kashmiris from being beaten. He said the assailants had threatened him that day and on Friday night they attacked him.
Zahoor Ahmad said that police in Chandigarh have taken cognizance of the incident and begun a search to nab the assailants.
After the assault, Mubashir said, the assailants on phone told him that it was a misunderstanding, and they are willing to pay for his treatment.
“I refused politely,” Mubashir said. “I told them that the misunderstanding could have been solved by a conversation, not by an assault.”