‘Darkest day’, says Yasin Malik

‘Darkest day’, says Yasin Malik
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Srinagar: The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik Friday described October 27, 1947 as “darkest day and the day of mourning for the Kashmiris”.
“Forces are on daily basis killing, destroying and vandalizing residential houses, arresting young and old at will, and international community’s silence is condemnable,” Malik said in his message accroding to the statement. Malik is currently in police custody.
He said that from the day first, “people of Kashmir stood up against this aggression and till date our fight for freedom and right to self-determination is continuing against all odds”.
JKLF chairman said that a complete boycott of elections in 2017 and recently held municipal polls, “should serve as an eye opener for policy makers and they should realize that neither iron fist policy nor policy of incentives has been successful to weaken our resolve and determination”.