The Constant Battle between 4G and South Kashmir

The Constant Battle between 4G and South Kashmir
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By Basharat Rashid

4G in Kashmir has become an important need for netizens, but south Kashmir continues to face its suspension with users expressing resentment against the same, as low speed internet is irking them badly.

The prevailing conditions in the valley let authorities to suspend 4G in the most volatile South Kashmir, where back to back encounters and protests in its all 4 district occur frequently.

It has been weeks since 4G services were last time witnessed in south region, with same operating in all other parts of Kashmir. In the south, it was working before the “Urban Local Bodies” election, since then 2G /3G Internet is being restored timely, as per the situation.

With this move people, especially students, are irritated and dismayed as 2G/3G is not sufficient for them, which is compelling them, to demand for its restoration, through social networking sites. Most of the students were being seen near broadband spots, downloading study material for their upcoming examinations as they were having no option available other than that.

When 4G continued to remain suspended in the region, even after weeks, lot of funny and sarcastic images were created and uploaded by some artists to demand its restoration. Not only this, various funny writings in Kashmiri and Urdu language could also be seen on social networking sites daily.

We can say that 4G has became a basic need for the people now, as every chore like paying of bills, recharge, shopping, net banking, bookings, and other purposes are being done on the internet these days, which might be the main reason that people eagerly want fast speed internet in the region.

There were days when slow speed Internet was satisfying users as there were no alternatives available. But , gone are the days now, when people were happily using small phones with 2G based Internet services for just chatting and entertainment purposes only.

As technology advanced globally, people started believing in services like 4G on the Internet as it eases their day to day work with saving their precious time. Youth now prefer to play even games on internet other than playgrounds, validates the importance of the internet.

Therefore, its suspension will literally irk them badly as they have to move now from place to place, to get their urgent work done.

Slow Internet speed usually give tough time to its users, as pages and websites are not opening properly, despite back to back attempts, which is letting users to prefer television and other services to avoid issues that arise.

Suspension of 4Gservices will not improve situation as prevailing situations are nothing new in Kashmir particularly in southern parts. We have witnessed such situations since decades even when there were no Internet at all but no concrete step is being taken to solve the issue.

Suspension of services like 4G only creates mess for people nothing else, which is a matter of serious concern.

To conclude, I can say that people should be given unencumbered services like 4G to get their daily works done without any inconveniences, so that they can take a sigh of relief in future.