Muslim League condemns slapping PSA on party activists

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Srinagar: The Muslim League Thursday condemned the arrest and detention of party activists under Public Safety Act and shifting them to Kotbalwal jail and terming it “political vendetta”.
“Detaining and slapping PSAs on party leaders – Mohammad Hayat Bhat, Waheed A Gojree, Mohammad Abdullah Mir and shifting them to Kotbalwal jail is a highly undemocratic act and deserves all forms of condemnation,” the spokesperson Sajad Ayoubi said in a statement.
Ayoubi said that Mohammad Hayat Bhat was arrested by police on 18th April when he presented himself before the court. “After that PSA was slapped on him but was bailed out after five months. But the authorities slapped another PSA on him to prolong his detention period,” he added.
Gojree, he said, he is the student of 11th class and “he is forced to stay away from his studies and is sent to different jails”.
He said sapping PSAs on pro-freedom leaders and activists is aimed to force the people and leadership into submission
Muslim League urged the United Nations and others to take cognizance of human rights violations in Kashmir.