Militant outfit urges UN, OIC to intervene in Kashmir

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SRINAGAR: Tehreek-ul-Mujahideen has urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to view the Indian forces’ blasting of houses in Kulgam in light of its recently released report. It has also appealed to credible human rights bodies to start enquiry into the “genocide” carried out by Indian forces in Kashmiris.
TuM in a statement said, “India is now openly killing Kashmiris and blasting their houses, and under the garb of search operations is carrying out genocide. This is New Delhi’s new tactic of which the world must take notice.”
“India is frustrated over its failure in Kashmir, and now is poisonous chemicals against the people. The UN and OIC should not remain mute spectators over it,” it said.
The statement also lashed out at the civil society of India and “so-called” peacemakers, and termed their silence as “dangerous for India”.