Blast victims battling for life in hospitals

Blast victims battling for life in hospitals
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Chances of survival ‘bleak’ of 16-yr-old Aqib; left arm amputated of 20-yr-old Rashid

Srinagar: Hospitals in Srinagar on Monday continued to grapple with the task of treating severe injuries and saving the lives of those injured in the horrific blast at Kulgam on Sunday. Some of the blast survivors are yet to gain consciousness even after 24 hours and undergoing multiple surgeries for tattered limbs, shrapnel perforations, and multiple organ damages.
“Most of the blast survivors we treated were in bad shape due to severe shrapnel injuries. One of them, Aqib Malik, is still admitted in the ICU. He is critical due to damage to his internal organs,” said Dr Showkat Jeelani, senior surgeon at SMHS Hospital.
According to him, Aqib’s chances of survival are bleak because he has suffered multiple organ damage.
“Blast splinters have shattered his internal organs in the abdominal area. He underwent multiple surgeries to fix his intestines, small gut, large gut, and renal artery, which have all suffered multiple perforations,” Dr Jeelani said.
“We should pray for him so that he survives, otherwise his chances of survival are bleak. We received him in bad condition due to blood loss,” Dr Jeelani said.
Outside the ICU of SMHS Hospital, Aqib’s parents wept inconsolably. As relatives kept arriving to enquire about the boy’s well-being, his mother again and again broke down in grief.
“Kateu czaran janane panunn, kath karena akke latte (Where will I find my beloved? I want to hear him once),” she wailed.
On Sunday, 16-year-old Aqib Malik of Shurat Kulgam was severely injured in the explosion at the encounter site in Laroo village. The injury left him unconscious.
Medical Superintendent of SMHS Hospital, Dr Saleem Tak, told Kashmir Reader that they were trying hard to save victims of the Kulgam blast.
“Some of them were received in bad condition but our doctors are on the job to treat them well,” he said.
“The hospital received nine injured persons since Sunday morning, including four youths who had lost vision due to pellet injuries. Two of them were later declared dead,” he said.
Similar scenes were witnessed at SKIMS Soura where some of the injured persons were shifted for specialised treatment. Here, 20-year-old Rashid Ahmad Dar is battling for life due to severe limb and vascular injuries.
“We amputated his left arm because the blast had damaged the bones and nerves. We later shifted him back to SKIMS Soura as many of his body vessels had perforations due to blast injury,” said Dr Shifa Deva, Medical Superintendent of SKIMS Hospital Bemina, where Rashid was operated for bone damage.