Apollo Hospital holds health awareness camp in Srinagar

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Srinagar: A team of experts from Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals organized a health awareness camp here Sunday with an aim to make residents of Srinagar aware of preventive measures and newer technology in Onco surgery, Neuro surgery, renal transplants and ENT.
“Dr Sameer Kaul (senior consultant, surgical oncology), Dr Sudheer Tyagi (senior consultant, neuro surgery), Dr Sandeep Guleria (senior consultant, renal transplant) and Dr Ameet Kishore (senior consultant, ENT) led this camp,” the statement said.
Talking about cancer, Dr Sameer Kaul said, “Every year more than 7 lakh new cases of cancer are registered, out of which more than 5.5 lakh die because of this disease. The main reason behind the increasing number of deaths due to this disease is lack of awareness among people. Cancer is treatable but patients come to us very late (sometimes in third or fourth stage) because of lack of knowledge about the same.”
Dr Sudheer Tyagi spoke particularly about various forms of brain tumours and how innovative treatments have been discovered to treat the disease. He said, “Brain tumour is a growth of abnormal cells spread inside or around the brain. Though the reasons for their development are not fully known, some factors increase their risk.”
Highlighting the growing incidence of kidney failures, Dr Sandeep Guleria said, “The main reasons for kidney failure are diabetes, blood pressure, kidney stones and taking indigenous or traditional medicines. If all these reasons listed above are not treated properly in time, kidneys can get permanently damaged. This is called Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and in this condition dialysis or kidney transplant is the only resort left.”
Addressing the audience, Dr Ameet Kishore said, “Generally, people have this belief that problems related to ENT (ear, nose, and throat) are not that serious and can be cured easily at home. However, sometimes even these innocuous symptoms can develop into life threatening conditions that require immediate evaluation and treatment.”