A 3+ Baby Girl’s with Teary-Eyes Appeal to the Governor:

A 3+ Baby Girl’s with Teary-Eyes Appeal to the Governor:
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Why Was I Denied Admission in the Nursery Class?




Since the day I was born, my Papa and Mama have left no stone unturned to take care of me. Though poor, they provided me with everything best. When I was a year old, my papa became eager to admit me in the best school despite his meagre income. So, he arranged a tutor who taught me English/Urdu names of things. When it was time to hold a spoon, I held a pencil and would learn rhymes. Now I am 3+ but I have been denied admission in schools in nursery class on the pretext that I did not do well in the interaction session despite the fact that I recited rhymes fluently and did write everything I was asked to. Why this discrimination? Is it simply because my parents are not doctors, engineers, professors or not rich enough to pay capitation fee in the name of donation?
I appeared in tests in two to three schools but was told not qualified though I did well. Perhaps they simply completed formality because my parents are ordinary citizens. I am told that here where International Day for Girl Child is celebrated with pomp and show, the girl child has special right to education. But everything is in reverse. Do you not think that denial to my right to get admission in the best school will affect my psyche? Why my right to take admission in the school is snatched? I am now a disqualified 3+ years old baby with teary-eyes. May I know what my fault/deficiency is? As I am new to this corrupt world, how come you expect miracles, money and recommendations a baby like me during interactions? Should I remain illiterate and curse this dirty world for all times to come?
Governor Sahib: As the head of Jammu and Kashmir, this tender aged baby has certain queries:
May I know the eligibility criteria, for a baby girl who is 3+ years, for admission in Nursery and K.G’s?
Is it necessary that my parents should be in higher income group or belong to elite class to make me eligible for admission? Why this discrimination?
Is it important to sit in written examinations for a small kid like me and qualify it for seeking admission in Nursery/K.G’s?
How would my parents come to know the reasons on which I am declared disqualified?
Governor Sahib: I am reciting rhymes while sleeping and invoke God to punish those who denied me admission because nobody bothers and listens to my cries and looks at my teary-eyes even those who are at the helm of affairs or rule and govern us here in this world.

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