Winter Power Crisis in Kashmir

Winter Power Crisis in Kashmir
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Er Shanawaz Bhat

”There is a saying that any nation that has high power capacity is regarded as a most developed nation”. If this is true, the question then is: Why Kashmir faces a worse kind of heckling power crises if it has a potential of 2400MW wherein only a few hundred has been harnessed, the rest has been given to other states( as if Kashmir is flooded with electricity).

There are different connotations related to power crises; one of the reasons being load is increasing per year during winters due to dependence of people on electric appliances while as the power capacity is not being endured; the winter heating appliances are a necessary evil but we all have to behave like responsible people which means use appliances as per load and not in a single row one at a time. The government too needs to foster and come out of sine die approach by implementing strict rules without getting baptized into corruption.

The second most callous approach government has taken recourse to is not demanding return of power projects (if that happens it would ease out the suffering of common masses)

Another factor that is important from an engineering point of view are alternative power generation systems that are different from hydro power generation: we must throng to solar, wind , geothermal use.

Finally, a sincere approach by all responsible stakeholders to mitigate power wastage is needed. Cumulatively, actions on these will, to a large extent, alleviate and mitigate the power crisis in Jammu and Kashmir.

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