Don’t politicise Amritsar train accident, wife was helping injured: Sidhu

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AMRITSAR: Punjab minister and local MLA Navjot Singh Sidhu said the mowing down of 61 Dussehra revellers by a train in Amritsar was an accident and nobody had done it intentionally. He, however, said there was a “big negligence” and asked his detractors not to do politics over the incident.

“It was an unfortunate incident. I talked to a few people who told me that some people were standing on the rail track and some were sitting on a stone near the track,” the minister told reporters.

“When the effigy of Ravana was lit, some people retreated. The train came with great speed without blowing horn and people did not come to know (about the approaching train), and it happened in a matter of just one or two seconds,” he said.

Defending his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu, who was accused of leaving the accident site without bothering about the victims, the state culture minister said she was attending to injured at the hospital when allegations were being levelled against her.

“When I talked to my wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu on Friday, she was in a hospital,” he said. “I fought elections from here because of my wife. She has been working here. On Friday night, when accusations were being levelled against her, she was with patients. She called me up on Friday. She came to know about the incident before reaching home. She then immediately reached here,” Sidhu said.

Meanwhile, the Congress leader visited local hospitals and met the patients and their relatives Saturday morning. Sidhu said when he learnt about the accident, he was shocked. He added that he was away to Calicut for a function on Friday.

Refusing to point fingers, the minister said, “Nobody has done it deliberately. However, there is a big negligence (behind this incident)… when I talk about negligence, some people did not even understand their responsibility. Nobody had any intention to do this. There was no motive.”

Sidhu added that the incident was an irreparable loss. He also requested not to give the incident a “political shape”.

“The question is that the accident should not be given political shape. It is an accident. Do not make false allegations and do politics on this issue,” Sidhu said.