The Lament of a Sparrow

The Lament of a Sparrow
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By Mushtaq Hurra

After walking some four kilometers by foot in scorching heat, I decided to take rest under a nearby Chinar tree. I lay down and my eyes caught sight of a sparrow on a branch of the same tree. It was crying, wailing and weeping. It’s complaint and lament was about man before the lord of all lords.
The sparrow with bleeding eyes said: O Allah, the sustainer of the universe, where is your Caliph ( man) who you had given the title of “The crown of all creations”, whom you had descended as the emancipator, who you had made the apostle of compassion and mercy, who you had made the protector and the savior, who you had made to share the bounties of nature equitably, who you had directed to share the woes and sorrows of others, who you have directed to be merciful upon other species, who you had claimed to be superior than angels?
But, alas, he has turned to be cunning and treacherous .He attributes deception to wit and to intelligence. His neighbors are fed up with his cruelties and atrocities. Jealousy and envy has burnt down his heart. Greed has made him a beast. He is no more kind to Allah’s creations. He has snatched our habitat and has turned demonic. His divine endowments have withered. We are his servants. Our survival is for his service. Any damage to us will leave his world monotonous and dark. A decade or a two earlier, he used to live under thatched roofs of the houses But, the advent of cement concrete and steel roofs has rendered us homeless. He used to leave a part of his grains for us. But now his greed and stinginess has made us starve. The modern means of thrashing the grain is so sophisticated that a grain of paddy or wheat is hardly seen on the land. He used to draw us away from his farms and orchards by using scarecrows but now the continuous and relentless use of pesticides, insecticides and other deadly sprays in these lands has wiped off our progeny from the planet earth.
This modernization has cost us badly. The electromagnetic radiations of mobile (cell phone) towers has made me and my other cousins like the swallow, the mynah, the dove , the bulbul and thrushes endangered. Though these towers connect man with others but it has separated us from the world. The air we breathe is full of toxic gases and fumes .It suffocates our delicate bosoms and hearts. We can’t breathe freely. Our lungs are suffering from emphysema. The water we take in is full of carcinogenic chemicals and concentrated acids. We fear to quench our thirst because the water available on the planet is more poisonous than hemlock. These deadly toxins have put our existence to stake which has been jeopardized by man.
There is nowhere a conducive atmosphere for all of us to live . The high decibel noises and sounds of automobiles and industries has pushed us into the sea of depression and anxiety. Our ancestors were poor but contented. Unmindful of modernization, they were happy and healthy. The adulterated foods have caused ulceration and other diseases to our stomachs. The spurious drugs have left scores dead. Nuclear and chemical weapons have burnt our wings; we are no more able to fly. Our younger ones have forgotten those melodious songs and the hymns at early dawn.
This planet is burning and the game of bloodbath has frightened us and we have decided to migrate to a new planet, where there are no such faces, where there are no stores of deadly weapons, where there is no race for armaments, where there are no murderers and killers, where there are no traitors and traders of humanity, where there is no violation of rights, where there is no lust and greed, where there is no callousness
insensitivity, where there is no fear and worry, where there is no war and battle, where there are no borders and boundaries, where there is no demarcation of land, where there is no bomb and bullet, where there is no hunger and starvation, where there is no corruption and deception, where there is no treachery, where there is no selfishness and egotism, where there are no taxes and revenues, where there is no fanaticism, where there are no curbs on freedom, where there is no envy and jealousy, where there is no threat to the life and where there is no man, man and the man.

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