Tengpora deprived of boycott fun

Tengpora deprived of boycott fun
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SRINAGAR: Tengpora locality in Zoonimar area over the years has vigorously boycotted polls of any kind held in the state, but this time it could not enjoy the boycott so much as no polling booth was set up in the locality. A total of nine votes were polled by 2pm on Tuesday at booths set up almost two kilometres away from the locality in a school at Shri Bhat, near police post Zadibal. Locals said that some people may have engineered this separation so that votes could be cast at the distant booths, for boycott of any kind of election is Tengpora’s “hallmark”.
“Even if whole of Srinagar comes out to vote, we will not vote,” said a resident, adding that the sole purpose of polling booths vanishing from the locality was to facilitate some votes.
He even alleged that the authorities could have themselves cast votes to discredit the boycott call.
During previous elections, polling booths were set up at a nearby school in Tengpora, locals said, but during the parliamentary by-election held last year, it was moved to Gill Kadal area, from where it has now gone farther to Shri Bhat locality.
The two booths set up for the locality had 869 and 952 registered voters, respectively. Officials said that a total of nine votes had been cast at these two booths till 2pm.
Another Tengpora resident said that in the past elections no votes were cast from the locality, and once only one vote was cast, for which social boycott was initiated against the family and it later moved to another area.