Revisiting History: A Conversation with Hayat Amir Hussaini –IV

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History is creative action, a creative force, narrated, energized and created by the infinite Reality ‘Allah’. He is beyond and above history, which is a narration and creative activity in time-space boundaries, but its origin is in a meta event, which al Quran defines in the following verse:“When Thy Lord drew forth from the children of Adam from their Loins their descendants, and made them testify concerning themselves (saying)”“Am I not Lord(Who cherishes and sustains you)?They said: “yeah”We do testify!” (Al-Araf, 7: 172)
It is a perfect, unconditional noumenal event for there was no material universe existent at that time. It was Almighty who brought all the human spirits before Him and addressed them about His Lordship ‘Rabubiat’.
The creation of Adam as an existence or a being is a later event. Though both creative events are noumenal, the later event presents a factual position of the creation of man as the vicegerent of God on earth. The heaven was a temporary abode of man in the creative process of God; “Every day in (new) splendor doth He shrine”(55:29).
It was on the second event or the creation of Adam that God asked the angels to prostrate before Adam for he was created as the vicegerent of God on earth. This vicegerency was an honour for him and narrates his responsibility as the vicegerent of God on earth. As the vicegerent he was endowed with knowledge, responsibility, and freedom and thereby accountability before God for the dispensation of his responsibilities. His creation was not a play. It was neither the emanation from God (emanation implies flow of the grace of God in which He has no role. It turns Him simply a helpless Being)
The emergence of Satan too is a part of God’s creative process and activity and grace. For it is the existence of Satan that makes man a responsible, free and authentic existence. It is the negative force of Satan that brings forth the greatness of man and shows his role as the creative agent and vicegerent of God on the earth. His existence shows the combination of all elements of phenomenal as well as of spiritual or noumenal, material or spiritual, divine and satanic or negative and positive, beauty and ugliness, vice and virtue sublimity and submission and rebellion.
His coming to earth was his journey of responsibility and answerability. And to show him the right path, right dispensation of responsibility and connectivity with God, the prophets were send . The first man ‘Adam’, the bearer of ‘the knowledge of names’ ‘Ilm’ul Asma, was the first Prophet. All the prophets are the sons of Adam and Eve.
The position of the Prophet in Islam is absolutely sublime. It is the second article of faith, first being ‘the unity of God’ from which it flows as the grace and mercy of Allah. So, history is not a myth, a tailoring of stories or lies. It is a factuality of action, and events, thoughts and decisions, emergence of potentability into actuality and a continuous war between good and bad, creativity and non-creativity, evolution and stagnation, Man (humanity) and Satan. There can be no war between God and His creation. It cannot be even thought of, for God is the creator, cherisher, sustainer, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and sovereign and all existence is simply His creation which has no Existence of its own and which has its Existence within the framework of categories of understanding or time and space. Whereas God is the Necessary Existence beyond all categories of understanding for they are simply His creation. So, Satan is not at war with God, he is at war with man whose viceregency and sublimity he denied and refused to prostrate before him. He denied the order of Allah with the claim that he was created by Him from fire and was superior to man. The claim of superiority was the exposition of his ignorance and arrogance and imperfection. Greatness belongs to Allah only and not to the creation, for the creation has no existence of its own. It is borrowed or given. All the powers and capacities of any creation are given.
No creation has any right of claim of superiority and power. So the war is between man and Satan the rebel and it makes or creates the history. The ultimate and actual war is between the Prophet, the real vicegerent of God and Satan the rebel. The Prophet(SAW) is the centre, epitome and embodiment of all excellence and Satan is the centre and embodiment of all vices. And, vice is nothing but denial and refusal of the Prophet(SAW), his message and action (Sunnah).
Vicegerency implies perfection of one’s existence, through the perfection of ideas and actions. It means fulfilling the duties ascribed by God Himself through his prophet(SAW). The prophet(SAW) is a human being and not an angel. But he is selected by God Himself. As the Prophet(SAW), he is superior to everyone and is sent for the guidance and perfection of man and works as the creative agent and creative force. In himself, he is the real and actual representative or vicegerent of God on earth. On the one hand , he is directly connected to God for he is directly controlled and guided through a meta process, the process of revelation and on the other hand he is connected to humanity, being man, their guide and warner and the ultimate standard and touch stone of judgment for humanity in this world and the next world.

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