Posters come up at last minute

Posters come up at last minute
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SRINAGAR: Election flags and posters were missing from the scene this year, but they finally surfaced – at the last minute – in the lone ward in downtown Srinagar that went to polls on Tuesday.
Tanveer Hussain Khan and Kifiyat Hussain, contesting for the Alamgari Bazar ward, put up their posters conspicuously at many places near polling booths a couple of days before the election. The two Independent candidates are both locals and apparently made a lastminute effort to reach out to voters though the posters. The ward saw five Independent candidates and one Congress candidate fighting the municipal election. Posters of these two candidates were seen pasted in close proximity, but many of them were torn. A local said that an earlier version of the posters was torn up by locals because it featured the picture of a leading Shia cleric from Budgam.
The next set of posters that the candidate put up talked of development and employment.