An Awe Inspiring and Sublime visit to Tral’s Panner Dam

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Basharat Rashid

It was the evening time, when I, along with my friend, visited a far off area in South Kashmir’s Tral, where we sat near a mesmerizing water dam, commonly known as “Panner Dam”, located at Panner-Jageer village, just 8 kilometers from sub the district headquarter.

As we started walking around the dam, we met many local people there, particularly young men, who were locals and mostly spend dusk hours around this beautiful dam. The dam, according to these people, gives them relief after they return from their daily work. The silence and the songs from different birds give them inner peace and alleviate burdens.

When we asked locals about the details of the dam, they narrated the ordeal and told us that it continues to face official neglect, “which has historical background and has many other significant attributes.”

We too loved to stay there for some hours, to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful dam, as the spot is really marvelous.

The dam is situated on the top of the village amid green forests and is sublime. It is a must visit place for all the nature lovers( a large number of visitors can be seen particularly on holidays here)

Besides all this, the place is very much attractive in less crowded area where people can spend an entire day over here to enjoy the beauty of this place, which covers huge area, with beautiful meadows.

The dam is very old and was established in 1969, which not only impresses visitors with its beauty but distributes water to nearby paddy fields of Panner and Mandoora in the summer season and also children from nearby areas bathe there to beat the heat in hot weather conditions, which gives immense pleasure to them, as the water in the dam usually remains cold.

The Dam is located at a high attitude place of the village near about two kilometers from the main Panner village in dense beautiful forests. But unfortunately, the condition of dam is very bad as it has not been renovated so far and also the road towards the dam is in a dilapidated condition which gives a tough time to visitors and local people there since decades.

The friends who met us there said that work on the road leading towards the dam was however started but after sometime, “It was stopped because of some unknown reasons and were not restarted back till the date.” The process to construct the road should be taken on a priority basis for obvious reasons.

The dam is covered with green forests in three sides which catches the attention of visitors and from the top of dam, people can enjoy the moment of different domestic animals on those beautiful meadows, which lies in the sides of dam and can also see most of the areas of Tral with an aerial view.

One of the visitors was few meters far from me, playing with pebbles on the bank of this dam has said that “Panner dam is very beautiful and breathtaking dam and I have been visiting this place since years and I never saw a place and water body like “Panner Dam” anywhere in Tral. I enjoyed very well here with my friends for full day. I like to visit here again and again but indeed authorities should upgrade this place to make it more attractive for visitors”.

My experience near the dam was awesome as well, as the place really impressed me with its beauty all around but what I felt is that it need to be upgraded with facilities. Authorities should develop this place so that people from other areas can also visit to see the beauty of this Dam.

To conclude, I can say that the visit made me very satisfied and I wish to visit this place again and again to refresh my body and soul!

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