Urs of Hazrat Baba Dawood Khaki (RA) observed

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SRINAGAR: The 446th Annual Urs of Hazrat Baba Dawood Khaki (RA) was on Saturday celebrated at Makhdoom Sahib Shrine, Kohimaran hill, with religious fervour and enthusiasm.
Scores of devotees including women and children thronged the shrine where special prayers, salutations and supplications were held.
On the occasion, religious scholars shed light on the teachings of the great saint and stressed upon people to adopt them in their lives for success.
As a prolific writer, Hazrat Baba Dawood Khaki (RA) has to his credit many works of repute. These include Virdul Murideen, Dastoorul Salikeen, Qasida Jalalia, Qasida Lamhiya.
His excellence in the religious scholarship may be judged from the fact that in his Virdul Murideen, he has quoted from over two hundred religious works.
Virdul Murideen, still recited in the shrines and mosques of Kashmir on occasions, is a compilation of 1362 verses in honour (manaqib) of his spiritual preceptor Hazrat Mehboob-ul-Alam Sheikh Hamza Makdoom (RA). Sheikh Dawood Khaki (RA) has been rightly called the ‘Imam Azam-i-Sani’ in Kashmir.
Hazrat Baba Dawood Khaki (RA) travelled far and wide in the valley, relieving people of evils and myths. He became instrumental in guiding thousands to the stages of the spiritual domain and had a huge number of followers. He breathed his last on 3rd Safar 994 Hijri (1585 AD).