Preserve Water Bodies to Save Kashmir

Preserve Water Bodies to Save Kashmir
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Unlike other places Allah has blessed Kashmir valley, with a plethora of beautiful water bodies, due to which it is considered as a breathtakingly beautiful and sublime place and is commonly known as ‘heaven’, as water is the best and universal resource on the earth for mankind.
We have large number of streams, ponds, springs, canals and, most important, lakes here, which not only add more beauty to Kashmir valley, but impresses the tourists globally as well, who love to visit here frequently to enjoy its beautification and to give peace to their souls.
Meanwhile, the question arises here that, why we have failed to maintain these water bodies as they are not only the ‘elixir’ of life for us, but pride as well, and because we are wholly and solely dependent on these and most of our guests visit here because of their presence in nook and corner of the valley.
Water-bodies in Kashmir are literally the most important resources, as they store and spare water for different purposes of people, like drinking, cleaning, bathing, washing, maintaining agriculture, and so on.
The matter of grave concern is that, we are lacking purity in almost all of our water-bodies, as people use them for dumping waste, mostly garbage and other odiously unpleasant things, which have degraded their purity wantonly. We are just using them as tool for storing wastages, which is badly hitting them day by day, with no intervention from anyone.
Besides people, authorities also seems reluctant to spare them by taking some concrete steps to control this menace, as the trend to shrink and worsen these is going on at full pace.
We are organizing events, awareness programmes and other workshop in the name of slogans like ”save water- save life” at our colleges, universities and schools but, all this is only confined to papers as no impact is being seen on the ground.
From Dal Lake Srinagar to North and South of valley, water bodies are dying everywhere, with full of garbage and dead wood running over it. This not only affect the water bodies alone, but humans too, as the deterioration of these natural assets affects public health and hygiene negatively.
Most of the diseases that occur are water borne and air borne, which is evidently the result of this weird practice of using water bodies as sites for dumping the waste.
Whatever our elders have done so far to these water bodies, same trend is being followed by the new generation, which is and matter of grave concern and should be stopped at the earliest.
Therefore, we must stop this trend and should ensure the safety of all the water bodies in Kashmir not only on paper but practically too. I personally request every individual to stay away from harming these water bodies to keep them safe, spare, and pure for the preservation of our beloved Kashmir, which is considered as “Heaven” and should always remain “Heaven”.

—The author is a Journalist, based in South Kashmir, and can be reached at: