The Chemistry of Kashmir

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Chemistry has always had a captivating focus. Its application in almost every sphere of life makes the discipline more exciting. But, the most incredible fact about chemistry is its great relevance with the Kashmir situation. Making and breaking bonds, unholy bonds, Deceptive bonding, inimitable reactions and unique products all are possible in Kashmir.
The strongest bond in the troubled history of Kashmir is the famous Kashmir and conflict bond. Kashmir has always been analogous to conflict. This bond is unbreakable. It has been the most durable bond. No power has been able to shatter this bond as no serious efforts were put in to obliterate it. Kashmir doesn’t exist without the conflict. It is a permanent bond. Some political scientists wanted to break this bond with autonomy, plebiscite, some with dialogue. But these empty rhetorical posturings without sincere intentions and energy facilitated it to be a valiant relationship.
The products of this reaction are bloodshed, dead bodies, blinded youth and destruction. Kashmir got wedded with conflict decades ago. This bond was catalyzed by broken promises, repeated political deceptions, pack of lies and ruthless policies by the elite powers. The stability of this bond is facilitated by the continuous oppression and subjugation of the Kashmiri people. This bond is still intact as it was at the time of its creation and is flourishing continuously.
There is another bond, the bond of Kashmir with peace. This bond has been the weakest in the history of conflict tattered Kashmir. And, it can be broken easily anywhere, anytime by anyone preferably by the political predators. No special efforts or special energy is required to exterminate this bond. This bond is temporary. There is no stability in this bond. Unstable products are highly explosive, they explode very easily. As this bond is formed, it breaks down immediately and explodes aggressively. No one act as a catalyst to make this reaction successful and the bond stronger. It is highly unstable unable to withstand the force of deceptions.
Till committed efforts are not made to reconstruct this bruised bond, it will persist to be fragile.
There is also the phenomenon of creating unusual and unholy bonds in Kashmir, the recent one being the PDP and BJP bond popularly known as “PDP-BJP Alliance”. PDP acted as a dual entity. The party first formed a bond with the Kashmiri people before elections through the non-existent healing touch policy. This bond was formed by exploiting the emotions of Kashmiri people. Here, the famous octet rule of chemistry can be seen as a driving force for PDP leadership. To complete its octet ( get the required seats to form the government), PDP kept all its principles and ethics in hibernation and formed a bond with most “un reactive” entity, the BJP. This bond broke brutally after plunging the Kashmir valley in the era of bloodshed and darkness.
The concept of “Deceptive Bonding” is prevalent in Kashmir where in bonding is created with the Kashmiri people and then is broken mercilessly when the interests of particular (mostly powerful) element is accomplished. The good nature of Kashmiri people to get bonded with anyone through the energy of love and compassion has always been over abused.
The bond of Kashmir with resistance is the essence of the unity. Kashmir resists everything audaciously and fearlessly. It resists brutal suppression and deceptive elements; it breaks but rises again and again. Kashmir offers huge sacrifices to resist and shine again. This bond is formed by the concord of Kashmiri. It is created by common sentiments and emotions in the hearts of Kashmiri People. This bond is formed by sharing of pains among each other. This one is a sacred and eternal.
Now every Kashmiri has understood the concepts of chemistry as the whole situation in Kashmir revolves around these concepts. The conflict part is getting stronger and the Kashmir gets torn.

—The author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at: