Notes on the Modern Day Teacher (Wustaad) Student(Tsaat) Relationship

Notes on the Modern Day Teacher (Wustaad) Student(Tsaat) Relationship
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Dr. Sajad A Mir

It is a well known fact that an effective teacher student relationship enhances ranks in attainment, as well as student attention and pleasure in the class. Competent relationships also reduce the occurrence of classroom distraction.
Since the last decade, I have observed the development of student-teacher equation. (This ranges from the teacher as next to God, teacher as guru, teacher as sagacious, to teacher as friend and as someone which is not having much knowledge, pertaining to recent times)
Although the last development appears to be intense but the sooner a contemporary teacher understands it, the sooner he or she get have rid of it. Today’s teacher (wustaad) and pupil (tsaat) are partners in the teaching and learning process. Because in this technological era they learn, instigate, incite and inspire from each other. Suppose a wustaad don’t know something, he can accept it to his students. The wustaad of present times is only a facilitator who shall facilitate his Tsaat to grow to his potential and become a self-learner. Nowadays, the wustaad is only one of many sources available to tsaats. With students being tech-savvy in cyber space, often equations turns to be a reverse, the student becomes a teacher and the teacher a student! Does it mean the teaching-learning process in present times changes its nature?
I think, yes. Our students teach us how to teach and manage time. Today’s student accepts the challenges and has taught us how to accept failure or success with all calmness. This feature of our students is worth to admire which takes them to a level where they might speak impromptu.
I notice (d) that the contemporary student takes part in various competitions, be it academic or non-academic without being concerned much about the results. Failure for them means not their day and next day they search for other route to achieve success out of multiple available sources. I have contemplated students working in teams, agreeing to disagree and coming to a point where they build a mutual consensus even if one has to give up the idea of self-preservation. They proceed without claiming acknowledgement for the idea.
I observed sharing quality of present-day students in everything and is worth to imbibe; sharing physics notes, tools in practical’s, chocolates, lunch, their joys and sorrows is all appreciable. Students appreciate talented ones in their class without showing an envious resentment of their achievements. If they shall be given a choice to choose a few students for some project, they far sure will pick the most suitable colleague in the class. In present times the sincerity and loyalty of a student towards their friends put me in a bewildered state. If this altruism last as they grow into adults, we will have an improved and high-speed society!
We are living in the 21st century. Learning online and with the assistance of computer technology seems the future. Learning through interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and virtual learning environments (VLEs) shall become routine.
So, being a teacher in modern times, my take on recent teacher-student relationship is that a teacher cannot afford to neglect the aforementioned changes which technology infuses into our lives. It affects the way teacher teach and students learn. Under these circumstances, the contemporary teacher should learn how to build effective relationships with students proficient in the use of modern technology. They should inspire their students to devote to the course in the same way they would if the class were a conventional one.
Fortunately, my experience as a teacher has been splendid, soulful and fulfilling. At the same time I am thankful to my tech savvy students of this era who made me think constantly and have taught me how to teach with tech for a better understanding and positive outcome in the field of study. Indeed a new revolution in the teacher-student relationship has begun!

—Sd/- The author is a senior lecturer of Physics at Government GHSS Nowhatta, Srinagar. He can be reached at: