Privileging Examinations over Holistic Education is a Sure shot Recipe for Disaster

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Education is a buzz word whose importance narrates a cosmopolitan tale as it is viewed as a tool of development and prosperity. The strength of a society rests on its educational infrastructure. Every society aspires to have a viable education system that is conducive to its growth and development.
Education as a subsystem is a fabric of different but distinguished components that make up the system and determine its probable chances of success and failure. Academics and examination are two such components which dominate among all other. Academics is related to academic affairs of any educational centre to infuse knowledge and to develop confidence among the learners while examination testifies the attributes of academic strength. A viable relationship between the two components is something generous but utopian in character.
These two components look imbalanced in our educational centres as the examination side always dominates the academic one. Our educational centres are not so good in their academic activities that readily create examination stress and frustration among the learners. The academic affairs are not being carried out in an efficient manner due to frequent strikes, suspension of class work, well planned wrenches etc which are able to paralyze the functional mechanism of the academic circuit.
Teachers in educational network are most of the times sitting ideal and busy in their personal affairs which is time being an enjoyable act for us but, in long run it gradually withers our teaching competence. In a similar manner, the student community also feels a similar type of pleasure which is merely wastage of their precious time. Such a type of academic environment is unable to meet the needs of the learners and is unable to raise their aspiration level which results in poverty, unemployment, drug abuse and so on.
A poor academic environment is something that disturbs the entire social market as poorly educated people are poor in their respective fields of concern, be it a doctor, engineer or even a shopkeeper. To avoid such consequences, there is dire need to address the academic scenario to ensure a friendly relationship between academics and examination and to enable the learners to aspire for better things.

The author is an Assistant Professor at GDC(Boys), Pulwama. He can be reached at: