Same in Sopore: No one else than BJP’s 8

Same in Sopore: No one else than BJP’s 8
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Sopore: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alone is contesting municipal elections in Sopore, with the lone Independent among the total 8 candidates also joining the saffron party. In Sopore constituency’s total 21 wards, eight will go to the BJP without any election taking place as all the 8 candidates are the only ones contesting in their ward. The rest 13 wards have no contestant. They will remain without a representative.
The BJP candidates are contesting in wards 1 to 5 and in wards 17, 18 and 21 of Sopore municipal area. The election date is October 13 but as there are no candidates contesting against each other, there will be no voting and the lone candidates in these 8 wards will be declared elected unopposed.
This will also be the first time when two women will contest municipal elections in Sopore. These two BJP candidates are contesting in wards 1 and 4.
Sopore town, which has historically opposed everything that the BJP stands for, will now be represented by BJP members.
Farooq Ahmad Rather, Sopore constituency president of the BJP, told Kashmir Reader that the lone Independent candidate standing in the elections joined the BJP on Monday, after he failed to bring at least ten persons to propose his name, as is mandatory to fill up the nomination form. “So we gave him our party’s ticket and now he will be contesting election for ward number 17 of Sopore as a BJP candidate,” Rather said.
“We have worked hard in Sopore for our party and it is our hard work that has made us the lone party contesting in these elections. It is the first time that no candidate from Congress has filled even a form,” he added.
Sopore town over the years has always had minimal participation in assembly and parliamentary elections. In the last parliamentary election held in 2014, Sopore registered the lowest turnout, at 1.08%.