Rasheed takes dig at politicians, says walking on Gandhi’s path is real tribute to him

Rasheed takes dig at politicians, says walking on Gandhi’s path is real tribute to him
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Srinagar: The Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) chief Rasheed Tuesday slammed the politicians, saying they should give-up “hypocrisy” before paying tributes to Gandhi.
“Those paying tributes to Gandhi are just playing with the words and have no more interest in Gandhi’s ideology of non-violence,” Rasheed said in a statement. “Violence has become the epicenter of Indian politics.”
Rasheed takes a dig at Modi saying “he should answer before paying tributes to Gandhi as why the forces have been given free hand to kill Kashmiris”.
“Not only Gandhi’s Gujrat has changed,” Rasheed said, “but the majority viewpoint is being threshed upon all the minorities and this mind-set has turned entire India into a place where everyone is fighting for protecting his honour, dignity and fundamental rights.”
The AIP chief said that Dalits are being compared with dogs and Muslims being threatened and asked to migrate to Pakistan, “definitely might be paining Gandhi’s soul”.
Not only Modi, Rasheed said, but the Nehru family too wants power at all costs forgetting that Mahatma Gandhi did not got any post for himself despite being the icon of India’s freedom struggle against Britishers.
It is high time for the people to introspect, Rasheed said, and analyse to find how India could return to great values of tolerance, inclusiveness and brotherhood.

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  1. Chacha Jee   October 3, 2018 at 4:24 am

    No.. Gandhi was a selfish person. To look like a statesman, he let Muslim live here at their will while in Pakistan or Muslim in Pakistan pushed all most all Hindus and Sikhs to India. This explains how half the family went to Pakistan and claimed evacuee properties while other half stayed with their properties in India is ditto for Kashmir. Giving 4 wives to Muslim with instant divorce have created a mess in India. A little push in 1947 or 1948 would have made India a Muslim free country even in Kashmir as all Kashmiri Hindu and Sikhs were pushed to India but Muslim were not asked to go. India in 1947 was never created a secular country in Ambedkar’s constitution. It was congress constitutional amendment in 197 4 when secular word was pushed in constitution as Muslim population mushroomed because of 4 wives. Sanjay Gandhi tried to control Muslim exponential growth by compulsory vasectomizing during emergency them but then he died and it was also too late as secular word creeped into constitution. Soon or later, a person much stronger than Modi will come on scene and present day solution to Azadi like they found in Chechnya, Serbia, Rohingya, Kurds will administered in India.