Protest in Magam against dumping site on stream bank

Protest in Magam against dumping site on stream bank
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MAGAM (BUDGAM): Residents and civil society activists staged a protest Tuesday in Magam town against dumping of solid waste in Ferozpora stream.
Scores of activists assembled in the town and took out a peaceful march to protest the dumping of solid waste in the stream, which is a primary source of water to several villages, witnesses told Kashmir Reader.
The protest march was organised by J&K RTI Foundation and Ferozpora River Bachaw Movement. Activists marched on the main road up to Boys Higher Secondary School.
“At a time when the Swachh Bharat campaign is on its peak and stories of its success are being spread, the authorities here are turning blind eye to the deterioration of Nallah Ferozpora which has been turned into a dumping site” Chairman RTI Foundation, Irfan Ali Banka told Kashmir Reader.
“We knocked the doors of the authorities many a times but they seem to be not interested in taking cognizance of this grave issue,” he added.
“Swachh Bharat Mission is launched with Mahatma Gandhi as its inspiration,” Sheikh Maqbool chief spokesperson RTI foundation said. “I wonder how many people have read what Gandhi has to say in subject? He was not only cleaning latrines in India but he was cleansing humanity of prejudices, hatred and violence.”
He further said that the mission of cleaning the environment has remained confined to papers and photo exhibitions only.
“It is evident that the municipality of this township has been dumping solid waste along the banks of this water stream that supplies water to scores of villages,” Sheikh said.
This, he said, has not only polluted the water of the stream but also poses a great risk to human health and the existence of the stream itself.
However, the administration, he said seem to be least bothered to address the issue.
“The need of the hour is to implant the rules pertaining to the environment,” Sheikh added.
Kashmir Reader had few months ago reported about the dumping of solid waste along the banks of Ferozpora stream, and also reported that original site meant for dumping of solid waste was partly exchanged by the authorities with a local resident and the rest grabbed by influential people.
The tractors used by municipality to carry the solid waste wade through the stream to dumping side located on the other side.
The pollution and contamination caused by the dumping has become a big menace for local residents. A medical team which had visited the spot had advised residents not to drink the contaminated water.