Hanging HT wires put commuters at risk on Poshker road

Hanging HT wires put commuters at risk on Poshker road
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BUDGAM: Dangling overhead high-tension wires and tilted and broken electricity poles along the Poshker-Khag road in Budgam district are posing a threat to commuters.
Many electricity poles in the area are either tilted or broken, posing a risk of untoward incidents befalling passersby, especially during rain or heavy winds.
Mudasir Zargar, a resident of Poshker, said, “I have a shop on the main road and this is my daily route. I fear that someday some person will come into contact with these wires.”
Zargar added that the high-tension wires occasionally fall due to overloading reasons and pose risks to human and animal life, besides inflicting damage on vehicles parked beneath them.
Lone Showket, a resident of Hamchipora said that the wires were put up in 1950 and have never been repaired since.
“This is the reason that they are getting damaged every now and then,” he added.
Last year, a wire suddenly fell on a man carrying goods on horseback, killing the horse on the spot, Lone added.
He said that it was not the first such incident and that many animals and humans had met with accidents of this kind and had died on the spot.
Meanwhile, a few electricity poles are broken at the point where the wires get support. “Thus, during windy or rainy weather, commuters find it risky to pass by but being a main road, they have no alternate way to cross,” said a resident of Alamnag village.
Similarly, the situation is no different in other parts of the Tehsil headquarters. A pole was reported to be half-broken and posing risk at Trapy village while several other places are without separate electricity poles. Wires are connected with pine trees at these areas.
Similarly, wires are hanging from a pole along the Khag main road, and it is feared that the half-broken, tilted pole could fall any time and cause harm to the people of the area.
The people of the area demand new electricity wires and iron poles so that human and animal lives can be safeguarded from this menace.
Executive Engineer Power Development Department (PDD) Budgam Nasrullah Jan and Assistant Executive Engineer PDD Mohammad Jamal did not respond to calls and texts from this reporter.