GST COLLECTIONS: GST mop-up rises to Rs 94,442 crore in September

NEW DELHI: GST mop-up rose to Rs 94,442 crore in September, from Rs 93,690 crore in the previous month, India’s finance ministry said on Monday.
As many as 67 lakh Goods and Services Tax (GST) returns were filed in September.
Of the Rs 94,442 crore collected last month, Central GST (CGST) mop-up is Rs 15,318 crore, State GST (SGST) is Rs 21,061 crore, Integrated GST is Rs 50,070 crore (including Rs 25,308 crore collected on imports) and cess is Rs 7,993 crore (including Rs 769 crore collected on imports), the ministry said.
“The total revenue earned by Central Government and the State Governments after settlement in September, 2018 is Rs 30,574 crore for CGST and Rs 35,015 crore for SGST,” it added.