‘Disappointing’: Rasheed slams Sushma Swaraj’s UN speech

‘Disappointing’: Rasheed slams Sushma Swaraj’s UN speech
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Langate: The Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) chief Rasheed Sanday expressed disappointment over the speech of Indian Foreign Minister — Sushma Swaraj at UN and accused New Delhi of running away from the fact that Kashmir dispute is pending for over decades before this world body.
“Sushma Swaraj has every right to highlight India’s achievements in various sectors, but before crying about being a victim of terrorism, she should have at least informed UN how many innocent Kashmiris were killed by the forces,” Rasheed said while addressing various public meetings in Langate, according to the statement.
“The least she should have done,” Rasheed said, “would have been to inform the world community how New Delhi is dragging Kashmiris to Supreme Court only to run away from the UN resolutions.”
Rasheed said that it is unfortunate that Kashmiris are simply becoming victims of animosity between India and Pakistan for none of their fault.
Taking a dig at Sushma, Rasheed said that J&K is not only a piece of land but “the people on both sides of LoC have been promised right to self-determination by the UN”.
“Before seeking permanent membership at UN, Sushma should have collected courage and talked few words about New Delhi’s constant denial to implement UN resolutions on J&K,” AIP chief said.