Govt ropes-in e-commerce giant Amazon to promote JK’s exclusive products online

Govt ropes-in e-commerce giant Amazon to promote JK’s exclusive products online
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SRINAGAR: JK’s industries and commerce department has embarked on an ambitious and futuristic marketing project for local handicrafts and other products including paintings by roping-in e-commerce giant Amazon for promoting and trading J&K’s exclusive crafts online.
In this regard, a joint meeting of the state government officials, Amazon executives and local representatives of the industry and artisans was convened under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary Industries and Commerce, Shailendra Kumar at Sanat Ghar here on Thursday.
Speaking on the occasion, Shailendra Kumar said tying-up with online business giant Amazon would help promote exclusive JK-specific products including handicrafts and handloom items and paintings on the e-commerce platform and would offer global market to the local artisans sitting in any corner of the state, an official handout read.
He said the government was holding deliberations with Amazon to have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with regard to the marketing and promotion of JK’s exclusive products with a tagline of ‘Crafts from J&K’.
He said JK’s products including shawls, silk, wool, handicrafts and other items from local industries were in great demand in the Indian and international markets and buyers are looking for such exclusive products, mostly online. He said, “If these products are made available to the buyers through modern marketing and online business platforms, the artisans will be directly benefited.”
Kumar said once the formal MoU is signed with Amazon, the e-commerce hub can also educate, train and enable weavers and artisans to directly sell their products to its customers in India and even in international markets on their online platform. “Without any middleman, an artisan sitting in a remote village of JK will be able to directly sell his/her products to a customer sitting in any part of the world through Amazon thus increasing the reach, profit margin and sales of artisans,” he explained.
He said Amazon will not only provide an online marketplace for marketing but will also engage with weavers and artisans across the state to train them on making the products more attractive, appealing and marketable online, the handout read.
He said, “The modern marketing techniques will also benefit the start-ups as they can use Amazon as a platform for marketing of their products,” adding that in future such techniques could also be used to sell horticulture-produce and other JK-specific products for getting better sales and profits besides getting a global recognition.
Shailendra Kumar said after deliberations with the Amazon, once all the terms and conditions were finalised, the government will sign an MoU with the company to formally promote local products.
Amazon has recently launched an online ‘Handmade Store’ for artisans to sell their unique, handcrafted goods reaching hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.