Lack of trust shouldn’t stall Indo-Pak talks: NC

Lack of trust shouldn’t stall Indo-Pak talks: NC
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Srinagar: The National conference on Wednesday termed the termination of talks between India and Pakistan unfortunate, and said both the countries should take bold initiatives and restore faith in the institution of dialogue.
According to the statement, the NC leader Tanvir Sadiq while speaking with the diplomats from German Embassy stressed the need that both the countries should continue to engage in a peace process.
Forces hostile to interests of Jammu and Kashmir have always tried to derail the peace process between India and Pakistan, he said, and “the killings of policeman are a step in that direction. An atmosphere of scepticism and hopelessness surrounds the valley,” he said.
He added that India and Pakistan have squandered many chances to resolve the Kashmir issue, but there are still opportunities. “Any solution cannot be driven by the barrel of the gun. Good sense has to prevail and an era of peace and prosperity has to begin” said Sadiq.
Both the countries should initiate CBMs to such an extent that there is hardly an iota of suspicion. Many lives have been lost and it is time that both understand there is serious urgency in resorting both track-II diplomacy and direct engagement, he said.