Forces allegedly try to set ablaze slain Sameer Tiger’s house in south Kashmir, damage property

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Srinagar: Family of slain Hizb commander Thursday alleged government forces of torching their house, heaves of fodder and four hundred empty apple boxes at Drabgam village of south Kashmir’s district Pulwama.

Muhammad Maqbool father of slain Hizb commander, Sameer Tiger told Kashmir Reader that government forces in the dead of last night torched their house after throwing petrol on it. He said that forces also set ablaze four hundred empty wooden apple boxes and five hundred fodder meant for animals.

“Around 2:45, we heard some persons (forces) knocking door of my house, I didn’t let any family members to go out because of the apprehension that forces outside may shoot. In the mean time they threw petrol on our front door and put fire on it and set a blaze the shed besides our house containing 400 wooden boxes and 500 fodder, “he said.

Bhat added that they have retrieved petrol bottles, bandage and masks allegedly used by forces to torch his house.

Maqbool asked why he was being tragetted despite killing of his militant son long ago. “Continued harassment and damaging our property has become routine for the government forces,” he added.