School association sees ‘conspiracy’ to disrupt education in Valley

School association sees ‘conspiracy’ to disrupt education in Valley
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DSEK keeps suspension of schools in abeyance


SRINAGAR: With the Directorate of School Education (DSEK) keeping in abeyance the suspension of recognition of two private Srinagar schools, the Private Schools Association Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) alleged that the decision to suspend the recognition of the institutions was taken in “haste” as part of a “conspiracy to disturb the education sector” in the Valley.
The DSEK Saturday said it had “kept in abeyance ” the suspension of recognition of R P School, Mallabagh, and Green Valley Institute of Education (GVEI), Elahibagh, after recommendations by the Fee Fixation Committee (FFC).
On September 14, the directorate suspended the recognition of the twin schools for charging “exorbitant” fees from students.
Disagreeing with the DSEK’s claims, Chairman PSAJK G N Var said that it was “not a hidden thing” that RP School and GVEI charged “comparatively less fee” than other private schools in the Valley.
By suspending the recognition of the twin schools, the DSEK, Var said, had disrupted the studies of thousands of children enrolled there.
“It was a conspiracy to disturb the education sector. Why have they not suspended the recognition of leading private schools in the last thirty years even as parents have been regularly complaining against them?” asked Var.
“These schools don’t allow the school education department officials to enter the main gate,” he alleged.
The DSEK had suspended the recognition of R P School even as the institution provides free education to “up to four hundred students belonging to poor families”, Var said.
While the private schools were open to fee regulation, Var said “spontaneous” orders should not be issued by authorities.
“Let the government bring in an Act on education. We have no objections even if they propose a fee slab,” Var added.
Var said that the DSEK’s keeping in abeyance the suspension of recognition of the twin schools “does not solve the problem as students are under tremendous psychological pressure”.
“There is a feeling of uncertainty among the students.”
An official from R P School said, “I fail to understand why they (DSEK) were in a haste” to suspend the recognition of the institution even while it levied relatively lower fees on students.
“I do not know who actually is behind the whole scene,” added the official.
Principal R P School Shabir Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that they were waiting for the orders from the FFC regarding fee structure to be adopted at the school.
Shabir confirmed that they have enrolled five students from poor families and provide them free-of-cost education and other facilities, including transport.
Chairman GVEI Mohammad Yusuf also said that they were looking forward to the FFC’s orders about fee structure.
Welcoming the DSEK’s decision to keep in abeyance the suspension of the recognition of twin schools, several parents of children enrolled at the schools also questioned the “hasty” decision by the directorate to suspend the recognition of the institutions.
“I think it was a biased approach towards the twin schools. They cancelled their recognition not thinking about the students especially those who are outgoing,” Dr Masood Rashid whose son is enrolled at R P School.