A Defunct and Useless Body

A Defunct and Useless Body
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The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry(KCCI), which recently conducted elections for its governing body , has become and is a defunct and an almost useless body or organization. Essentially, in the nature of an interest group which, theoretically is fine, as it should aggregate the interests of the business community in Kashmir, the KCCI has long forfeited and abdicated this role. Over a period of time, it appears to have become and morphed into a platform for career and self advancement, instead of representing and articulating the interests, concerns and pleas of the business community in Kashmir. It goes without saying the business and financial landscape of Kashmir is in deep doldrums and a whole host of nagging issues and problems bedevil it. But, what has the KCCI done about it, either by way of research, policy activism? The answer is that this body which, at one point in time, used to attract the stalwarts, doyens and admired members of society, has done nothing substantive. This is despite its potential as it represents and is, ideally the backbone of what is left of industry and commerce in Kashmir. Consider the case of our handicrafts, a dying or, perhaps, even a dead industry. As the KCCI done anything to revive it? Has it done anything to expand the scope and scale of industry and commerce in Kashmir? Has it offered relief, solace or solutions to the daily wage entrepreneurs like reddiwallas who struggle on a daily basis? The list of questions is not exhaustive but the answer to these is in the negative. So, the question is: who does the KCCI represent? The sad answer appears to be: just the members who get elected, often times for the perks of power, access to power and other related and associated frills. All this is a sad commentary on the nature of the organization in contention because potentially, it could do a lot for the upliftment of Kashmir’s economy, business and commercial landscape and the welfare of the business community and its various stakeholders, like artisans, laborers, weavers and so on. Moreover, the KCCI could have acted as a pressure group to change the policies of the administration, when and if these would be detrimental to people’s welfare. But, alas, the KCCI has floundered and failed on all these fronts. And, given, the path dependence of its structures, its future, except as a self promotional body, looks increasingly bleak.

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  1. SKChadha   September 27, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    KICC is busy in Bandh and Hartaal to snatch the livelihood of Commercial and Industrial Units of Valley … 😛 😛