SKIMS Soura sits on sexual harassment complaint for a year

SKIMS Soura sits on sexual harassment complaint for a year
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Srinagar: In September 2017, a female employee filed a sexual harassment complaint against her colleague at Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Soura. The female employee submitted her complaint to the then Director SKIMS, Dr AG Ahangar, accusing a senior male colleague of passing lewd comments and talking dirty of her in the institute to sexually and mentally harass her.
“The complaint was first filed before the then Director Dr Ahangar, but it didn’t move to the women’s harassment committee of SKIMS for more than 10 months. The case was represented by the’s victim lawyer as well, but no reply was given by the administration to repeated legal notices,” sources at SKIMS Soura said.
An official privy to the women’s harassment committee told Kashmir Reader that the victim was forced to file another complaint before Dr GH Yatoo, the officer in charge of the department where she worked.
“Dr Yatoo also took no action in the case and instead asked the victim to compromise and withdraw her complaint,” the official said.
The complainant’s letter sent to Dr GH Yatoo in March 2018 reads, “By creating a vicious atmosphere against me in the department which will force me to quit my job or commit suicide, he will definitely succeed in his hidden motives. He has left no stone unturned to damage my respect and honour, as is evident from the content of the representation he has forwarded against me on 29th August 2017. As he is fully aware that by playing moral degradation tactics I will be compelled to take any drastic step and he will never be a suspect in the eyes of law and administration.”
Almost seven months passed since that complaint submitted to Dr Yatoo, yet no action was taken on it.
“The complaint reached the women’s harassment committee of SKIMS early this month and the committee members are still inconclusive about the issue, despite many written and oral statements of the victim and witnesses,” sources said.
SKIMS Inquiry Officer and Convener of the women’s harassment committee, Dr Syed Mudasir, admitted that the harassment case reached them only recently. However, she refused to divulge any details about the case.
She said the committee’s report would be submitted in a couple of days.