Abducted from home by masked man, tailor’s bullet-riddled body found in orchard

Abducted from home by masked man, tailor’s bullet-riddled body found in orchard
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Disabled wife helplessly watched him being taken away; ‘The last look he gave me will haunt me entire life’

Sopore: Sopore Police with the help of locals on early Monday morning recovered the bullet-riddled corpse, from an orchard in a nearby village, of a tailor who was abducted by suspected militants from his home in Harwan village of Sopore on Saturday night.
The body of 45-year-old Mushtaq Ahmad Mir was found in an orchard in Latishut village by locals who immediately contacted the police, a senior police official told Kashmir Reader. He said a police team was rushed to the spot early in the morning. The police team took the body into possession and, after conducting legal formalities, the body was handed over to the tailor’s family for last rites.
Habla Begum, wife of the slain Mushtaq, is unable to walk due to a physical disability. She told Kashmir Reader that on Saturday night she and her husband were in the kitchen when a masked man entered their house and then knocked on the door.
“When I crawled to the door, as my husband was busy with something, I saw a man with his face covered with a cloth. He told me that he needed to talk to my husband for ten minutes. I was shivering with fear, but he swore upon Allah that he only had to talk to my husband. I started crying but the masked man assured me that he will not do anything wrong,” Habla Begum recounted.
“When my husband went out to the lawn to talk to this masked man, fearing for his life I started crying. But the man took my husband along with him. That last look which my husband gave me, before leaving with this masked man, it will haunt me my entire life. I tried my best to walk out to him but as I am handicapped, I was not able to do anything. I will curse myself for letting my husband step out of the house,” Habla Begum said.
“They took my husband away and killed him somewhere. I will never forgive them, nor will Allah. The man swore to me on Allah’s name that he will let my husband go after talking with him,” Habla Begum lamented.
“My husband was the only hope of my life. They took him away from us. Tell me, who will take care of us now? He was the sole bread-earner for his handicapped wife, his aged parents, and his two sons. Had he been a mukhbir (informer), then we would have not have been so poor and living in this miserable condition,” Habla Begum said.
While Habla Begum was recounting her tragic story, she lapsed into unconsciousness many times. A woman sitting by her had to wake her every time by giving her water, while this reporter had to wait till she became stable enough to talk again.
Ghulam Rasool, the father of Mushtaq, was sitting before his son’s body, crying bitterly. He told Kashmir Reader that his family had never done anything against the resistance struggle of Kashmir.
“We were among those who were arrested and beaten up by government forces. I don’t know what made them (militants) kill my innocent son,” Ghulam Rasool said.
Hundreds of people from Harwan and adjacent villages participated in the last rites of Mushtaq, who was laid to rest at his ancestral graveyard in Harwan village.
SSP Sopore Javed Iqbal confirmed to Kashmir Reader that police with the help of locals had recovered the body of Mushtaq from an orchard in Latishut village.
“He was shot with three bullets,” the SSP said.