Sonwar residents fed up with civic authorities’ laxity over garbage clearance

Sonwar residents fed up with civic authorities’ laxity over garbage clearance
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SRINAGAR: Residents of Sonwar area of the JK summer capital are concerned about the heaps of garbage lying unattended on the roadside which is not being lifted on a regular basis by the concerned authorities.
The area falls under the jurisdiction of the Badami Bagh Cantonment Board and is supposed to have garbage lifted regularly. But on the roadside of the Sonwar main market, piles of unattended garbage can be seen daily. The garbage is mainly plastic waste, polythene bags, mounds of domestic waste, bottles and street dust, all lying in mounds on the national highway.
The residents of the locality complain that the stinking smell emanating from the garbage has made it very difficult to walk on the roads and streets. They claim that sanitary workers collect home waste only to throw it away by the streets, once they have swept them.
Residents also blame the concerned authorities for their “negligence” that could lead to bacterial and viral diseases spreading from the filth heaped on the roadside.
They also said that that since this market place is a hub for shoppers and tourists, it is a “shame” to have these garbage heaps visible to tourists, especially foreigners, who cover their faces while crossing by because of the stink from these garbage mounds being left unattended for days.
“This is a regular act that these sweepers collect waste from the area and put it on the road side without lifting it regularly,” said Ali Muhammad, a resident. “This all is a mess here, it is so bad you can see commuters cover their faces.”
Ali said that he himself prefers to divert his way from his home so as to avoid the stinking smell of the waste as he has recently recovered from a bacterial disease. He said that the concerned authority “lifts this waste after three or four days”.
One of the shopkeepers said that the concerned authority “does not care” that heaps of waste are left on the roadside for days. He said that dogs roll around these garbage heaps all day, making pedestrians highly worried, especially the patient attendants from the nearby hospital.
While talking to Kashmir Reader, a group of shopkeepers said that the whole market and the residents here are agitated by this filth going unattended for days.
An official from Badami Bagh Cantonment Board told Kashmir Reader that they regularly lift the waste from the site, but it piles up quickly due to the huge waste output from hotels and shops during the day.
“It is also the duty of residents, hoteliers and shopkeepers to cooperate with us and keep the area clean,” the official said. “Nothing could be done from only one side; this is a two-sided teamwork.”