Revisiting History: A Conversation with Hayat Aamir Hussaini-III

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Pride has three causes: (a) the internal cause, vanity or self admiration, (b) attitude towards others, and (c) hypocrisy, which is outside of the two said causes. It is expressed through one’s attitudes, expressions, and activities. In its very model, meaning and application, pride is a metaphysical, psychological, social, religious, political, legal and ethico-racial phenomenon. Consequently its results are very dangerous, destructive, reactionary and negative.
Pride’s prime objective is denial of God’s Omnipotence and Omniscience and His orders and aims. It is a rebellion against him, which entails absolute and all inclusive enmity against man, the vicegerent of God and displeasure towards God’s wish and will. Psychologically, it is a process of conspirator against the plans of God, man, his piety and ordained works and duties and beauties and grandeur. A deep and genuine psychological study of pride reveals the fact that it is a very dangerous spiritual disease which primarily blackens the heart and soul of man and ruins his mind and leads him to very unnatural and anti-nature activities which frightens his very existence and turn him meaningless and invite his total demolition and wrath of God for him.
Pride makes man the embodiment of malice, envy, lust, shame, hatred, greed, oppression, exploitation resentful and destructive of every goodness, virtue and beauty. He becomes not only the enemy of humanity and nature but also of his own existence. It is an expression of depression and inferiority complex, for only a depressed person becomes resentful and revengeful and enemy of others. As a complex, it gives birth to caste system and racial hatred and exploitation. It generates inequality, and breaks human society in classes and holds some high and some low, and gives birth to class war.
Pride also paves the ways for all types of exploitation and opens the doors of slavery. It breaks the unity of humanity and paves the way for various types of exploitation , opens the doors of black and ruthless slavery and snatches all types of rights from the majority of humanity and throws it in the draconic well of inauthenticity. It becomes a meaningless folk, having no value, no ethos, no culture, no life and no dignity.
Pride nourishes the religion of frauds and myths, and chains humanity in religio-spiritual meaninglessness. It helps o slander and corruption and disgrace and coins and anti-God a religion of slavery. It nourishes a political philosophy and system of oppression, coercion and extortion, where a group of priests, kings or military generals and landlords hold all powers; sometimes in the name of God, sometimes in the name of the unity of the workers, and sometimes in the name of religious revivalism, and sometime in the form of a ruthless dictatorship.
Pride operates an economy of haves, a capitalistic economy or an economy of ruthless religious taxes, and snatches all avenues of life from the hands of people and throws them to live a life of misery, torture, ignorance, diseases and forces them to live a life of animals(sometimes even worse). The barbaric slavery in Egypt, Roman Empire, America and India (American blacks and the shudras of India) are its worst examples. It weaves a web of a social and marital system which snatches all human rights form women and turns them into mere beasts or a meaningless object of sex..In all the ages, pride has killed innocents ruthlessly, and destroyed the properties and crushed the melodious voice of the budding children for its pleasure.
To break the treacherous web of Satan, God sent His prophets to humanity, to provide them the knowledge, to show them His signs, to educate them through explaining His book and generate and nourish wisdom in them.
The first man Adam(AS) was the first torch bearer of divine light, knowledge, wisdom and purity. He was followed by a chain of prophets in every time in every land. The process culminated in the absolute and purified existence of the last Prophet, Muhammad(SAW, a Hashemite, the grandson of the friend of God ‘Abraham’ who fought the wicked symbol of Satan ‘Nimrod’, and the brother of Moses and Christ, who fought the forces of cruelty and oppression in the form of ‘pharaoh’ of Egypt and the so-called Jewish priests of Palestine. It was the great Prophet Muhammad who was sent to the entire humanity with the divine mission of education, purification, wisdom and creation of the final draft of the pious and pure human social order, culture and civilization. In his 23 years of missionary life , Prophet Muhammad(SAW) demonstrated the perfect and beautiful pattern of conduct, exalted standard of character; he was and is the perfect ethical model for humanity and the mercy for all the worlds and creatures, the saviour and the benefactor of humanity worked for the creation of a new humanity and a truthful, authentic, human, ethical, spiritual, democratic world order, the sword for all exploitation. He was the embodiment of all values and virtues. He confronted all darkness, and the forces of darkness which inflicted upon him severe miseries, hardships and sufferings. But, the perfect light and embodiment of mercy never responded in their language, nor invited God’s wrath for them. He prayed to God ‘O God, forgive them they do not realize me’.
The Prophetic mission continues. Satan is not dead; so the conflict and confrontation continues. It will continue till doomsday as the word of God testifies. The March of History continues; the conflict between the forces of God and the forces of Satan continues. The light confronts the darkness and it will be doing so till the last shade of darkness is erased.

The foregoing is a conversation edited by Mudasir Al-Majdey who can be reached at: