Firdous married a woman afflicted with polio, Kulwant’s was lone Rajput family in village; both had two little kids

Firdous married a woman afflicted with polio, Kulwant’s was lone Rajput family in village; both had two little kids
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Shopian: Family members of Firdous Ahmad Khuchay, 37, said he was working in the police department since eight years. He has left behind his wife and two children, one 2 years old and the other 5 years old.
Villagers said that Firdous was innocent and his killing had shocked everyone in the area. They said that Firdous had a handicapped wife who was afflicted with polio.
“We once asked him why he was going to marry a handicapped woman; his reply was a lesson for us. He told us that if not he, then who will marry the handicapped woman?” a friend of Firdous said.
Nawaz Ahmad, elder brother of Firdous, said that they pleaded with the militants but they didn’t pay heed. “They told us that they will release him soon after he makes his resignation announcement from mosque loudspeakers,” he said, adding that the family members stayed at home with the hope that he would soon come back.
“They did release him, but after firing three bullets in his abdomen and back,” Nawaz said.
Family members said that Firdous was currently deputed in the Railway Police. He had four brothers and two sisters.
“We followed the militants to Kapren village, where they abducted another policeman and threatened us to go back home,” said Nawaz, younger brother of Firdous.
Firdous’s mother, Fatima, told Kashmir Reader that militants beat her son in front of her. “When they hit my son with a big stick, my son turned his face towards me and shouted, ‘Moji Behiyiv Khudayas Hawal’ (Mother, stay in Allah’s blessings).”
Nisar Ahmad Dhobi, son of Abdul Rasheed Dhobi, was a constable in Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police (JKAP). His family members said he was working in JKAP since 23 years. They said Nisar was the lone son of his parents and had two children, a daughter aged 19 and a son aged 14.
Abdul Rasheed Dhobi, 65, father of Nisar, told Kashmir Reader that about 15 armed men barged into his one-storey house and abducted Nisar. He said his son was posted in Reasi in Jammu region and was not involved in any kind of operation in Kashmir valley.
“I asked them (militants) where they were taking my son. They replied that they were doing some investigation and he will be released within minutes. They didn’t release but killed my son. He was my lone son and we have no means to earn our meals other than his salary. I am not able even to walk two steps on my own. Who will raise his kids and who will become my support in old age?” the distraught father said.
According to villagers, the Dhobi family have no land or any other property in the village.
Kulwant Singh, son of Drube Singh, according to family members was working in the police department as SPO since 16 years. He often came to visit home in Batagund village, where his is the lone Hindu Rajput family living in the region since many years.
Pushpa Devi, 60, mother of Kulwant, said her son was sleeping when two gunmen barged into their house. “I was returning from the cowshed when I saw two masked gunmen grabbing the collar of my son. There were many more men in our backyard. I asked them what was the matter and they said they had to ask something from my son. I pleaded with them that he was not working in police anymore, but they didn’t listen to anything and threatened me to stay at home. They said they will release him very soon,” she said.
Within half an hour, she said, she heard that her son had been shot dead by the abductors.
Family members said that Singh had two children, a daughter aged 10 and a son aged 7.
The father, wife and elder brother of Kulwant were outside the Valley for some work, due to which the body has been kept at home. Family members said that the last rites will be performed by Saturday morning after the family members arrive.