Ban on religious rituals undemocratic: Yasin Malik

Ban on religious rituals undemocratic: Yasin Malik
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Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik while addressing Ashoora congregation at Zadibal here on Friday said ban on religious rituals is direct interference in faith, and called restrictions on Muharram processions “undemocratic and condemnable”.
“We all recite one Kalima, believe in one Allah, have faith in his last messenger Prophet Muhammad (SaW) and turn towards one Qibla and all this unification teaches us to stand united,” Malik said to the mourners according to the statement. “Our adversaries want to divide us in the name of sects and tribes, hardliners and liberals, and it is our duty to remain one and defeat the nefarious designs of these challengers.”
JKLF chairman said Hussain and his companions displayed unrelenting resilience, courage and steadfastness. “They represent oppressors not the oppressed and it is the duty of every Hussaini to identify himself with the oppressed and downtrodden and remain striving against the tyrants and oppressors.
“From last 70 years,” he said, “Kashmiris are being oppressed. Our young ones are killed with impunity, jailed under black laws and humiliated on daily basis. This tyranny has turned our land into Karbala where battle between truth and the false, oppression and the oppressed is going on unabated.”
He said that we all should adhere to the principle ‘No election till right to self-determination’ and urged people to refrain from participating in elections.