A Manufactured Deception

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By Fida Hussain Sodagar

Another deception is in making in the politics of Kashmir. The deceivers are the same predators of power, the unsavory politicians. Before PDP deceived us; now Congress is manufacturing the same pack of lies. The romance between PDP and BJP had bloomed after 2014 Assembly elections delivered a fractured mandate. The two parties had tied a knot of partnership with a Common Minimum Programme (CMP). These parties, with an enormous gap of ideologies, narrowed it to match each other’s tastes. That time the PDP boasted itself to be the only party which could block the entry of BJP in the valley. One of the reasons of high voter turnout in Kashmir was that the people of valley wanted to clip the wings of BJP to prevent it from protruding in the valley. So, the people voted mostly in favour of PDP. But, in the ploy of the Father-Daughter duo dream projects, the valley was subjected to a brutal era.
Now, Congress is looking to follow in the footsteps of the PDP. The party ostensibly wants to fight the Municipal and Panchayat elections to thwart the communal forces and the BJP to enter in the valley. But the plot is same, the reason same and the same intentions: hunger for power. Another manufactured deception is about to blossom in the tattered paradise. PDP and NC decided to boycott the elections; Congress felt a ray of hope to re-construct a fractured and ruptured party.
The Congress projected itself as a secular party, a sympathizer of Kashmiri people. But they forgot the bruises they inflicted on the conflict torn Kashmir. Political parties deciding to boycott the local elections in the garb of article 35 A is a part a major game. They are looking for a bigger future, a more powerful chair. It is a marketing strategy which has consumption at a later stage. There is no sympathy in it. It a body of lies, again a well planned deception.
How many more deceptions? There is no space left for more deceptions. The PDP deceived the people but it was deceived by the BJP at a larger magnitude. Spare the conflict torn Kashmir now! Stop the cycle of Shams and cheating! The repeated deceptions have turned the golden autumn to a blood soaked red carpet. The white snow has been filled with the redness of blood. The breeze of paradise has been loaded with the smell of dead bodies. The beautiful and mighty Chinars have become the source of shading the graveyards. The springs and rivers of Kashmir have transformed into a flowing mausoleums. Be a part of conflict torn Kashmiri’s before being a politician. Feel the pain of people. Fight for the resolution of Kashmir issue for once and all. Deceptions will generate alienation. Alienation produces anger and anger constructs a new generation. Let the politicians of Kashmiri be committed to bring a new dawn of peace and a breeze of truthful empathy to refresh the soul of Kashmir.

The author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at: f.hussainsodagar@gmail.com.