Family shattered as pellet-blinded son sent to Kot Bhalwal jail

Family shattered as pellet-blinded son sent to Kot Bhalwal jail
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Suhail Ahmad Tumboo, 26, is partially blinded, asthma ridden and has had gall bladder removed

PULWAMA: Throughout the day on Monday, Haleema Bano and her three daughters cleaned their humble house, for the police had assured that her only son, pellet blinded Suhail Ahmad Trumboo, will be home on Tuesday after about 18 days in custody.
Instead, the police booked Suhail under the Public Safety Act (PSA) and shifted him to the Kot Bhalwal jail inJammu, leaving the family in disbelief and utter grief.
“For all these days, after he was picked up from home by police, they kept assuring us every day that he will be home the next day,” Bano told Kashmir Reader, at her home in Murran village of Pulwama district.
But on Monday the police assurances of her son’s release somehow convinced Bano. She cleaned her house with her daughters and was sleeping peacefully, dreaming that her son will be home, the next day.
“Instead, I got a call from him at 5:30 in the morning. He was sobbing. He told me he was being shifted to Jammuand had already reached Qazigund,” Bano said, unable to stop her tears at the mere mention of her son crying.
She lamented that the police did not even inform them of booking him and shifting him to Jammu.
“What was he, a murderer? Why did they not inform us? Had the driver of the police vehicle not been kind enough to let him use his phone, we would have not known he has been taken to Jammu,” Bano said.
The 26-year-old Suhail was left blinded in his right eye after he was hit by pellets fired by government forces in March last year, here in Bellow village of the district.
“He was hit by pellets in both his eyes but multiple surgeries at the SMHS hospital in Srinagar restored the sight in the left, but he remained blinded in the right one,” Ahsan Trumboo, Suhail’s father laments.
Battling the blindness, Suhail still did menial jobs here and there to support his down trodden family. However, a gall bladder removal, earlier this year, left him too weak to work.
“Instead of him looking after us in this old age, it is the other way round now,” Ahsan said, “He suffers from asthma as well,”
Despite his handicaps Suhail was detained by the police and then booked under the PSA.
His family now is petrified at the thought of their partially blinded son being lodged in a jail far off from home.
“What will my child do there?” asks Bano amid tears, “The tyrants did not even tell me that he was being shifted to Jammu or I would have given him his medicine, clothes. What will he do there without me?”
The family says they cannot visit Jammu because of their financial condition.
“We will have to live without seeing him,” laments Ahsan.
Tuesday morning, when the family came to know about Suhail being shifted to Jammu, Bano and her husband rushed to the police, pleading once again with them.
“I asked them why we were not intimated about this and the police officials told us that the army came and took him away” Bano said.
She alleged that the police expressed helplessness and said that they could not do anything when the army all of a sudden came and took him away.
The family, now, is making rounds of the police station to get the necessary documents necessary for a judicial process.
“I visited the police station today and have been asked to come back tomorrow,” Ahsan told Kashmir Reader.
With Suhail in jail and Ahsan now making rounds of the police station to get him out, the family is staring at a bleak future, financially and emotionally.