Rs 759 crore spent on Dal Lake in 16 years

Rs 759 crore spent on Dal Lake in 16 years
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Srinagar: In the past 16 years, funds worth Rs 759 crore have been spent on conservation of Dal Lake and on infrastructural development for relocation of dwellers on the lake, Additional Advocate General BA Dar told the High Court on Tuesday.
He said that of the Rs 400.96 crore allocated by the central government for conservation of the Dal Lake, Rs 359.93 crore have been spent so far.
He said the state government had spent Rs 399.07 crore of the allotted funds of Rs 428.29 crore for the lake’s conservation.
Dar informed that under the schemes National Lake Conservation Project (NLCP), Prime Minister’s Reconstruction Programme (PMRP), Rejuvenation of Brari Nambal Lagoon under AMRUT, and Basic services to Urban Poor, the state government has received from the central government Rs 295.85 cr, Rs 83.18 cr, Rs 1.50 cr, and Rs 20.43 cr, respectively.
Dar informed that of the Rs 295.85 crore received under NLCP, Rs 277.96 crore have been spent, while under PMRP out of Rs 83.18 crore received, Rs 60.31 crore have been spent. Under AMRUT, Rs 1.23 crore have been spent of the Rs 1.50 crore received.
Under the state government’s scheme of Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Dal Dwellers, out of Rs 150.53 crore released, Rs 150.12 crore have been spent, Dar informed the court.
For relocation of House Boats at Dole Demb, the state government has released Rs 9.74 crore out of which Rs 1.43 crore have been spent. Under Dal Development sector, the state government has released Rs 268.02 crore, out of which Rs 247.52 crore have been spent.