9 boys blinded in one eye by pellets fired in Kulgam

9 boys blinded in one eye by pellets fired in Kulgam
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Srinagar: A dozen persons inured in firing of live ammunition and pellets by government forces in Kulgam on Saturday are at present admitted in hospitals in Srinagar after hit by pellets and bullets in vital organs, including their eyes.
According to doctors at SMHS hospital, nine boys have lost vision in one eye after being hit by pellets in Kulgam district on Saturday.
“On Saturday, the hospital witnessed chaotic scenes after nine injured reached the causality ward one after the other,” doctors said.
18-year-old Nadeem Ahmad of Chowgam, who was hiding his face from visitors in the Ophthalmological ward at SMHS Hospital, said his right eye was hurting and doctors were unsure whether he would regain vision or not.
His face was swollen and his chest peppered with pellets.
“We have given him initial treatment and removed the pellets from his eye. But we can’t say clearly whether he will regain vision or not,” doctors at the ward said.
Suhail Ahmad, a Class 9 student from Kulgam, is also uncertain about regaining his vision. He said he was targeted by forces while he was part of a peaceful gathering.
“I was injured in intense pellet firing by police and paramilitary personnel near the encounter site. They targeted everyone who was on the roadside, during the encounter and afterwards,” he said.
“I collapsed after the pain became unbearable due to the pellet injury. No one came to my help for almost an hour,” he said.
An on-duty doctor at SMHS told Kashmir Reader that Suhail may need surgical intervention again if his condition does not improve.
Another injured, Adil (name changed), alleged that forces targeted him when he was sitting on the compound wall of his house after the conclusion of the encounter.
The 20-year-old survivor, who wished anonymity, has already seen several conflict-related causalities in his family. Now he himself has been blinded in one eye and has received multiple pellets on his head.
“They left me in pain and distress. I can’t see now,” he said. “I tried to run for my life when a policeman targeted me, but the pellets hit my left eye. I lost consciousness till I was operated on.”
There were six more pellet-hit youths admitted in ward 8 of SMHS Hospital who have lost eyesight in one eye. Doctors said that most of the injured have been asked to prepare themselves for multiple surgeries.
“His left eye is completely damaged and he may not recover eyesight. He might need multiple surgeries before we can say about him,” doctors said about Adil.
They said Adil had already undergone one surgery on Saturday and has been asked to wait at least a week for another surgery.
“Adil still has blurred vision. Doctors are hesitant to tell us about the status of his vision,” his brother said.
At SKIMS hospital, one youth was admitted in critical condition. He was in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as his abdomen had been damaged after he was hit by a bullet, as per doctors.
He has undergone surgery to fix the laceration in the internal organs. However, doctors said, they are apprehensive about his condition.
At Bone and Joint Hospital Barzulla, another injured was treated for firearm injury, doctors said.
“He is stable but he will need hospital stay for some more days as his thigh bone is damaged,” they said.

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  1. kumar   September 17, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Its the boys’ own fault. They were pelting stones and provoking the armed forces near an encounter site.
    If anyone is loitering around an encounter site that alone makes them suspect. The armed forces are normal people just doing their duty to the country.