An Ode to Rubayata Umeed: An Inspiration and an Icon

An Ode to Rubayata Umeed: An Inspiration and an Icon
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Kashmir is facing tremendous problems; there is death, despair, destruction and hopelessness. Nothing encouraging seems forthcoming. All are concerned with security of life and future of the region. The past three decades of conflict, in particular, have adversely impacted every aspect of life and each system of social, cultural, political and economic spheres of existence. Education and intellectual pursuits of life have also been hit badly and, a sort of, regression of these areas continue even today.
The continuous and prolonged closure of educational institutions and disturbances in law and order situation leave much less time available with the students of Kashmir to gain enough of knowledge and in working towards other cultural, intellectual and extracurricular areas. Reading, writing, schooling, teaching and learning are in a crisis situation and there is no way in sight which could end this crisis very soon.
This crisis directly impacts the life and careers of the student population of Kashmir. They never get adequate time to prepare for their examinations of academic and professional courses. In the rush and race of making full use of the available time for preparing for different examinations the students hardly think of getting involved in art, culture and intellectual pursuits. Prevalent conditions in Kashmir, in short, have disturbed the normal course of academic, cultural, intellectual, art and literary aspects of life.
Nevertheless, all is not bleak. Kashmiri people have learned to live with the conditions of conflict; they know how to make best use of the time. This holds true about true about the students of this place who have learned different innovative methods of studying and completing their studies. Many students of Kashmir, despite disturbance and violence and conflict, have shown exceptional results at different levels, in both the curricular and extracurricular activities. Some have shown the results, and performance, which even the students of the advanced systems of education and learning dream of producing. The latest entrant in the club is Rubayata Umeed, the fourteen year old youngest author, and novelist, of Kashmir.
The feat that Rubayata has achieved is by no means an ordinary one. It is an exceptionally great achievement which needs adequate acknowledgement and recognition. She has done a commendable thing which makes her a role model worth to be emulated. She is an inspiration that every student of Kashmir should get motivated by. When it comes to inspiration part of it, even the elders have many things to learn from the effort and work of Rubayata.
It is not an accomplishment by chance. Such feats take blood, sweat, tears and the sight of eyes and require the investment of precious hours, days, months and years of one’s life. Only one who is ready to sacrifice that time of life, and one who is ready to sacrifice many things and luxuries of life only can get this kind of success.
When the pupils of her age were sleeping, she must have been waking up to write the book. When her friends were playing, she must have devoted those playing hours in completing the work. Wizards X Beasts is not only a novel but the proof of the perseverance, patience and hard work of Rubayata. This must be acknowledged to encourage other such pupils and student to create their niche for them in the galaxy of the star achievers of the world, and create a respectable place for Kashmir in the comity of the civilized nations.
We usually like to tread the beaten path of others; we want to stay safe; we hesitate in taking any risks and we fear taking up new endeavors and accepting challenges. We are usually content with the minimum which is coming to us. But, this is the ordinary way of living and it by no means is ideal, it should not be ideal. There may be safety and a semblance of security in applying this approach but there is never success, and great accomplishment in it. The accomplishment comes by the method and approach adopted by Rubayata and all the other such students and successful people.
Kashmir is in such a predicament that this forsaken land of ours needs many more Rubayatas to tell the story of pain that this region has been subjected to. She should be the beginning of the long list of zest filled writers and authors who would serve by their writings, and other literary and art works, towards the betterment of Kashmir and her people. Moreover, Rubayata should be the beginning of the process to take the cultural and literary life of Kashmir to new heights.
During times, when reading and writing are not getting adequate attention, achievers like Rubayata are of existential importance to reinvigorate these literary activities.
In every success and great feat, it is not only the person who accomplished the impossible but also the support and encouragement of the people around that person are important. If that support is taken out many great achievements world over could have been simply impossible. In the Rubayata’s case also the support and encouragement, and even sacrifice, of her parents, teachers and even friends should not be overlooked. They deserve to be mentioned and thanked.
Rubayata’s parents, in particular, deserve a special mention for trusting the child, who stood beside her and encouraged her to complete the work. Good wishes to them for being great and helpful parents and for identifying the talent and natural capabilities of their child and then for grooming those.
At most of the times parents keep searching about what the natural inclinations of their children are but they in most of the cases remain unaware about those inclinations. In absence of that information the parents end up misguiding their children and those children lose the plots of their life and careers. The parents of Rubayata have been different in that regard. They have first identified the talents and then groomed these
Congratulations to the parents but there is a caution for them: their responsibility is not over. Instead, it has increased manifold. Their child needs more grooming; at times once some success is achieved people become callus and procrastinate. The onus of responsibility falls on Rubayata’s parents to keep her working and moving on the right track without putting extra pressure on her.
It is a proud achievement. We should realize that the way chosen by Rubayata is the right way. We should encourage others to work hard like she did, and must be continuously doing. We need great writers, system builders, intellectuals, professionals and administrators who could raise our level and ease out the painful predicament in which we are in.
The maze we are in needs good people with great efforts who could guide us towards our cherished goals. We have to do our bit towards that direction and that we can do at least by encouraging others if we ourselves fail to make any impact. We cannot leave the battles of life half fought; we have to go to the end and emerging intellectuals, writers, professionals, technologists and all others should be our soldiers to fight those battles. Our responsibility is to make the soldiers well equipped and well trained.
At the end, it is time to come together in congratulating Rubayata and wish her all the very best for her future life and all the other pursuits she is going to take up in her life. Congratulations Rubayata, keep making us proud, keep working hard. God bless you!

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