On Predation and its Alarming Incidence

On Predation and its Alarming Incidence
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Another child victim almost fell to the vile snares of a sexual predator. Luckily, the girl child victim was smart and alert enough to raise an alarm when the predator attempted to molest her. The incident in contention took place at the upper primary school Lillam village of Kupwara. It was when most of the teachers and students were out to offer Friday prayers; the culprit took the girl to one of the classrooms and tried to molest her. However, the screams and crying of the girl caught attention of other students, who immediately came and rescued her. While this incident came to the notice of people, the school authorities and then the media, it is not clear how many victims fall victim to the lustful snares of sexual predators. However, the frequency of these incidents even in the media, alarming intrinsically, must wake us up as a society. The fact that sexual predation of young children is happening in points out to the fact that there are deranged and perverted individuals in our society who we assume to be normal people. But behind their ‘normal’ persona’ lurk and hide monsters. The response to these incidents and the nature of the problem must not be merely exposing, naming, shaming and incarcerating these monsters but, more importantly, should lie in anticipatory and pre emptive approaches. But, the problem that arises here is how can these perverts be identified? One answer lies in educating our young buds and helping them identify abnormal and perverted behavior toward them. Oftentimes, these monstrous crimes are committed by those who children trust and know-relatives, teachers and so on. In lieu of this, our young children (including boys) must be educated and be made aware by alerting and sensitizing them to distinguish between proper and inappropriate touching. There should also be seamless communication between parents and children so that the young buds immediately alert and tell their parents if something has happened. Last, but not the least, exemplary punishment must be given to established perpetrators of these kinds of crimes. It may also be pointed out here that it is not only the burden of physical scars that child victims of sexual predation bear but also deep, life long lasting psychological and emotional ones too. To protect our young children, it is imperative then that society steps in and does something substantive about this issue which is gradually but inexorably coming to the fore.

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