‘No to polythene bags’ campaign launched

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JAMMU: To discourage use of polythene, Chairman Nations Development Association , Jammu and Kashmir Sushil Singh Charak on Thursday launched “no to polythene bags” campaign here.
According to a statement issued here, an anti–polythene awareness campaign was initiated from Bal Shishu Shiksha Kendra high School, Kaluchak and Shree Vaishno Institute Jammu.
Hundreds of school students attended the campaign and carried out a rally in which they also pledged to make their surroundings polythene free.
They appealed to the people to use cloth bags whenever they are out in the market and not to use plastic bags as they pollute the environment.
The anti–polythene awareness campaign in the shape of a rally visits different areas of district and holds camps to make people aware of the hazards of polythene.
Chairman Nations Development Association, Sushil Singh Charak said: “Anti-Polythene Week is being organized to make people aware about the nuisance and pollution caused by the use of the non-biodegradable polythene.”
He noted with concern that water bodies and rivulets of the district have become polythene dumping sites adding that there is a need to make people aware about its ill effects and ask them to stop its use.
The Charak appealed to the general public to avoid use of polythene bags and use reusable cloth and jute bags.
On the occasion, BSSK Principal Anju Bakshi, said: “It’s our collective duty to keep environment clean and pollution free. All the citizens should come forward and stop use of polythene bags and plant as many trees as they can.”