Class 5-7 term exams to be conducted by schools

Class 5-7 term exams to be conducted by schools
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Irshad Khan

Srinagar: The School Education Department has decided to have the Term 1 and Term 2 examinations for classes 5 to 7 conducted by the respective schools now on.
An order to this effect was issued by the department on Wednesday.
The department had last year ordered that the T1 and T2 examinations be held by the respective DIETs and SIEs.
The Wednesday’s order said that for classes 5-7, there will be a common question paper prescribed by the respective DIETs in the districts.
It however added that the external evaluation of T1 and T2 by the State Institute of Education (SIE) would be in place as per past practice.
While the T1 examination of classes 5-7 for the current academic session have already been conducted by the DIETs and the SIEs in the state, the T2 examination would be held by the respective schools themselves after the fresh order.

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