Young Children do not Need the Cold ‘Comfort’ of Creches. They Need and Yearn for Parental Love and Affection.

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Dr. Aashiq-ul-Islam

Nature has designed human beings in their best moulds and created all creation in the best form as couples. Allah Ta’ala , right from the origin, has framed humanity and humanism, rather all creations according to His best will so that we all human beings can understand the phenomenon of Nature in its true perspective. Within this context, a mother right from her birth, is compassionate and noble; she can take care of her child in natural form because Nature has bestowed in her genetic makeup, the love and blessings in their best form. We should understand this natural system and follow wholeheartedly without going against it because if anything goes against nature, it has its repercussions.
It is not thus feasible rather advisable to send small innocent kids to crèches and other artificially designed so called care centres because it is only the mother who can give her love and affectionate look to a small child. As such, it is the duty of a father to take care of themother of kids and accordingly encourage the system of not sending kids to training centres.
Consequently it becomes first and foremost duty of father also to help kids rather to educate them to follow the footsteps of the mother so that a sound and an affectionate environment emerges within a family (which can help a society in becoming a lovely and fair society). I strongly oppose this system of sending small kids to crèches and care centres and I am equally of the view that it is only the mother who can nurse son or daughter in her own lap.
Children need love of mother and not the cold ‘comfort of crèches’. This is the age for them to play and learn in the lap of their mother rather than in training schools. Love and care of children is a constitutive part of human nature. Children are the significant and most beneficial blessing that Allah has favored his servants with.
The Holy Qur’an has laid a special emphasis on the role of a mother. Mothers have to perform this affable obligation of religion themselves and adore spiritual satisfaction and ecstasy. The Qur’an commands parents to provide the fundamental requirements of children. It states the duties of the mother and father separately. Mothers should suckle their children for two whole years; the duty of feeding and clothing nursing and others in a seemly manner is upon the father of the child.
This is a very comprehensive commandment and it desires a total adherence from mother for feeding and nursing of a child is very amenable to the impressions of the conditions of life and circumstances surrounding them.
These imprints last in their memory for the whole life time and the conclusions that they draw in their mind determine the nature of their character. They are like raw material which can be molded in any desirable form and shape. That is why special care is needed to inculcate good habits and qualities in them so that they prove a blessing to the parents as well as to society. Nowadays, most people are devoting their time and energy towards accumulation of wealth and other material benefits. Accumulation of wealth becomes curse if human relations are ignored. To such persons, family life is full of strife. They have no time to pay attention to spiritual values. They forget that humanity lies in recognition, maintenance and development of human relations.
Man does not like to live in isolation; he is a social being and fond of society. He is, by nature, inclined to cultivate good social habits in order to live and flourish in peace. Mere pursuit of wealth at the cost of human relations indicates a wrong mental attitude, which needs to be changed and corrected.
Children have also psychological needs. They need and desire to be loved. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) loved children greatly. He would allow his grandsons Hasan and Hussain (R.A) to ride his shoulders even during his prayers. Children are a trust given to the parents. Parents are essentially responsible for the moral, ethical, and the basic and essential teachings of their children and they are the first educational institution for the child, which shapes him or her emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually.
It is a human virtue to aspire for bringing up the families in righteousness. In the Holy Quran, a Muslim is, therefore, enjoined to pray as: “….O Lord; Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous” (25:74)”….and be gracious to me in my issue….” (46:15).

The author teaches at the Department of Islamic Studies, GDC, Pampore. He can be reached at: